Monday, 4 June 2007

Blue fescue and "Beacon Silver" Lamium mixed in and around driftwood. The driftwood is more than just accent pieces .. they are structure "bones" to an extant .. very useful for showing off plants too !

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Ewa said...

Hello GardenJoy4Me,
Thank you for visiting my blog and thank you for nice words :)
I see also that you tagged me at blotanical - thank you, you are the first one to fav me there :)I just joined few days ago :))
I just looked around at your blog and I like it a lot. Many very nice plants you have my dear :)
I am also 'fresh' gardener - this will be my 4th year in the garden - its a lot but not so much in Nature terms :)
There is so many nice plants outside...
Let's stay in touch.

aha - I like a lot that blue composition that I am commenting now and also I like very much the color of your porch gray-blue, isn't it?