Saturday, 25 August 2007

More Plant Cramming !

In my fuzzy world of "joy" nudge nudge .. smirk ? .. gazing on the newly discovered world of garden blogs (how come I didn't see these before ?) .. I forgot to log more events that I managed in my own garden.
Now how is that for a true admirer of other people's work I ask you ?
In any case .. yes, the Plant Mobile was in action yet again yesterday .. among bags of groceries .. BIG bottled water .. (who would think we would pay for water and tote these bottles home ?) .. and more lovelies ... yes ... as my friend knew and predicted .. I had to pick up more White Swan and Rudbeckia .. still obsessing over these backbones of the garden .. let alone Magnus ..
AND ..... one more time without bonemeal .. I'm sure i will pay the price of such inexcusable naughtiness .. slammed them in the ground with a quick sketch of where they "might" work best for me .. time will tell ..
I just keep thinking ... I can't buy any more plants .. so that leads to NOT buying bonemeal .. and the vicious circle feeds on itself .. shame on me !!
BUT ... I will follow my set rule for Autumn/Winter prep ... mulch mulch mulch ! ... did I say MULCH ??? ... YES !!! ... topping up for winter not only protects my "kids' .. it lessens the stress of transition to the next weather stages .. moisture, sun etc ... but also looks much better than spotty places where I have been a little sparse with some and not other places .. cosmetically correct gardening ?? who would guess ! haha
Again .. stay tuned for more wit (or witless ?) commentary on the progression of my " I think I can" garden projects .. and that means reorganization of my side of the garden shed too kiddies ! .. now that will be a heck of a TRICK !

Joy : )

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