Friday, 28 September 2007

Lambs Ears and Little Lamb

Yes .. the only thing in common with these two plants is the mention of "lamb" in their names. Lambs Ears (sort of odd when you think of it .. how many lambs are running around with no ears because they are planted in some one's garden ?) .. what a texture .. not so hot after a rain shower I know .. but remember when you first touched them .. that unbelievable silky yet furry sensation .. some people feel they are on the cusp of being a "weed" .. please .. titch titch .. I plead disdain for so arrogant an attitude .. hoyty toyty to snobby gardeners .. tactile sensations .. oops .. could be bordering on some sensitive ? YIKES ! ... wording here .. in any case .. this plant deserves some respect .. it withstands drought and insects .. and manages to look pretty darn good .. even after I have "sheared", another lamb invocation thrown in to the fray .. where was I ? Ah yes .. darn good back up plant !
Little Lamb Hydrangea .. I have already gone on and on about the love affair I have developed with my very first hydrangea .. I waver when admitting this .. since I am a "dyed in the wool" pessimist .. but I can NOT find a downside to this beauty yet .. I even have the adoration I hold for this little beauty, in my kitchen on top of my hutch .. the ever sought after dried flower arrangement .. you may be nodding your head in disapproval by now .. but hey .. I am a newbie to this "arrangement" dried or other wise event .. lets hear it for the LAMBS in our gardens ! Bahhhhhhhhhhaahhhhhhhh !!!

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