Sunday, 6 January 2008

What ???

I know .... what on earth has this pot of turkey soup got to do with gardening ? ... and by the way it is home made even if it looks rather questionable !
Parsley .... that is right ... the subject connecting this, and my garden, is good old fashioned, flat leaf parsley.
During this past season I had some herbs in pots on the deck steps .. most of the time I forgot to use them, which raised the "DUH !" meter up even higher for me than usual .. and that is saying a lot.
I always managed to save the rosemary and do a few bottles up for friends, but some how I forgot my parsley .. except for this little miracle bundle I stashed in the fridge, carefully wrapped in paper towel to dry and preserve it .. sounds almost professional right ?
I hid it so well ... it was only discovered today .. thumping of my head on the kitchen table going on ... BIG sigh !
The amazing part is how wonderfully fragrant it smelled, and what an intense green it kept all this time. I am still in shock ... What a huge WOW !
Now I am making very bold notes to myself, to get this right .. " remember how wonderful this hidden treasure was for me in the middle (or in our case early) part of winter."
To stumble on a little bundle of dried herb that came from my garden .. making me so happy !
In my case, the catch phrase is now "Stop and smell the PARSLEY!" making life a little brighter on a dull winter's day .. sounds corny but hey .. I have cabin fever breathing down my neck about now ! haha

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