Monday, 18 February 2008

Look closely !!!!

YES !!!! Dave is starting to emerge from the iceburg ! won't be long now that the boys in the 'hood are complaing on a regular basis again !


Dave said...

Whew, for a minute there I thought you were talking about me! I'm glad I'm not under all that snow!

GardenJoy4Me said...

dave? dave? dave? ????
Is that you ???? talk to me! LOL

Gail said...


Thank you for stopping by my blog...However did you find me. I am brand new at this blogging thing.

Love your photos and I hate the dirty snow times....well, I don't have them now, but when I lived in St Louis I did.

When does spring come to your part of the world?

Gail at Clay and Limestone

Cabs said...

Thx for visiting my blog.
Yay, another gardener with the Maine Coon attraction! Maine Coons definitely have a lot of personality. I never liked cats until I got my first Maine Coon. One of mine is sitting here right now, trying to get me to stop typing and scratch her her ears!
I enjoyed your pictures of Kingston. I agree with your sentiments about this time of year and the dirty snow. We had rain here this weekend (unusual) but I am glad because it took away all that dirt...and ice too.
Look forward to checking in on your blog as the Spring arrives and our gardens emerge.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi again Gail .. left a note back on your blog .. funny how we have the same clay, limestone and heat/humidity !
Joy : )

Gail said...

Hello again....I finally figured out who Dave is...Hope you see him soon..

Do you recommend the comment moderation? I notice that some of my favorite bloggers use it? I have so few visitors..

Anonymous said...

just returning your comment :)
thanks for stopping by and am slowly getting the todo list done ;)

GardenJoy4Me said...

cabs !
I think Main Coons (even mixed breeds) are more like dogs with a cat attitude ? LOL .. Sophie, when she isn't bugging me for attention sits at my feet here .. but when they are being stubborn about something .. it is a long haul ! haha .. thanks for stopping by .. can't wait for Spring .. BIG sigh !

Thanks for having a look way over here ! LOL .. I know .. the todo list is one heck of a list to work through at times !
Joy : )

gail .. LOL ! yes .. Dave can be a mystery man at times .. especially under the snow : )
I might look at the moderation option .. more and more people will visit your blog .. you just never know though .. good stop gap just in case ?

Melanie Vassallo said...

Whooo hoooo way to go Dave!

Joy I hate to tell you I spent 2 hours in the yard just now. It was just above freezing but who cares? I cut back some of the ratty grasses and rudbeckias and just loved every minute of it, even the runny nose part.

Can't wait to see more of Dave :-)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Melanie .. you really know how to get me going here ! Shame on you ! haha .. I am so jealous it isn't funny .. I have a kleenex box tied around my neck when I start those jobs .. it ain't a pretty sight !!
Dave has mumbled and grumbled a lot more this winter than any other .. it is way TOO LONG ! .. the rest of the boys rely on Dave to be heard ? haha
We did a bit of shopping and the bitter wind froze us .. but .. I bought something for the garden ! Yipppeeee !