Monday, 11 February 2008

A red red rose ..... or a bunch of them ?

Ok ... some one ate their brain food for breakfast this morning .. and no, as usual , it wasn't me !
Hubby DID !!!
Knowing that bad weather will be upon us shortly. He had the initiative to buy some awesome Valentine goodies for me ahead of schedule .. Loblaws is the best "dummy proof buying for the wife on Valentine's Day" buffet ! .. Roses .. Belgium chocolates (get real .. they flew into the mouth in seconds .. I'm not going to discuss it publicly !) .. and .. OK .. Future Shop for the COOL "wireless mouse" .. he really does listen some times ??? Yahoooooo !!!!!
Plus gourmet dinners in parchment paper cooking thing .. hey .. I don't cook .. it looks great to me !
So ... there .. my bit of bragging .. now I begin the mind numbing task of prep work before painting the kitchen ... let the games begin ? UGH !!!!! Who would know so much dust collects up there on the cupboard tops ... JEEZ !


WendyAnne said...

Hi Joy,

Still loving your photos of the snow,your cat,your plates and the beautiful red roses.

I need to start getting our decorating done but because at the moment we have quiet warm weather for once I have been busy working on the allotment,getting it ready for the vegetables I shall soon be sowing in the greenhouse.

Your snow looks awfully deep though.I am only 5ft 1" so would soon get lost in that lot.It is nice to see what all the plants look like when they are covered..

Take Care

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Wendyanne !
You would be lost in our snow bank ! haha .. just saw that wonderful fish tank of yours .. hubby wants one too ! haha
Willow is hypnotized by the fish .. haha.
Oncethis bloody kitchen is done .. I'm done painting for this year !
Joy : )

kt said...

Are you living with a canadate for husband of the year? Pre-planning Valentines Day I am totally impressed, approaching thirty years of marrage to terrific guy but who is always banging on the florist's door at closing time, has caused me to be green with envy. Painting the kitchen hmmm well I suppose I don't envy you there. My biggest problem with painting is I always set myself up for disappointment by under estimating by far how long it will take to complete the job. Good luck. Katy

GardenJoy4Me said...

Katy Hi !
I just dropped a note on your site. Husbands should know what to do by now ? LOL ... I think his incentive was a bit egged on by his golf trip coming up in March ? LOL
Painting the kitchen .. long, hard job that makes me crazy .. but I am determined to get done .. I hate taking back a project I SAID I am going to accomplish before I let loose on the garden. Plus I'm "winter MAD" .. I have to do something or I'll cry every day looking at the snow : ( haha
Thanks for dropping by !

robbinscabin said...

I've been really "on the fly" lately but wanted to say...You lucky duck! My Valentine's wish? NO SNOW! LOL

GardenJoy4Me said...

I wish, we could wish that one girl ! .. this is one long winter !
Aaarrrrggghhhhh !

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Joy, it looks like you have some very pretty plates to help pick colors for your kitchen. I have received a tiller and a chain saw for romantic holidays and just loved them.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hey Aunt Debbie !
A tiller ! I am jealous .. now that would be one cool present .. the chainsaw .. hum .. not so much for me .. but anything for the garden .. a BIG yup ! .. or .. something for my camera, computer ... hum should I say "It is all GOOD?" ! haha

Anonymous said...

I see where the mouse took precedence over the roses. Was that coincidence? Rose

Melanie Vassallo said...

What a wonderful (and smart) husband you have! Now I know what I'm going to ask for...a wireless mouse for my laptop.

Thanks NOT for sending me some of that snow yesterday. Today we are under flood warning with a deluge of rain and my house smells like wet dog. Hmmm, maybe I need those roses too :-)