Thursday, 13 March 2008

Resistance IS Futile !

Home sense has become the "Borg" of my life .. if you have never watched Star Trek , you will have no idea what I am talking about .. step away from this post !
Alrighty then .. yes, I skipped into the store yet again (having a ball while the hubby is away with that golf trip) .. and this awesome beauty commanded me to buy it .. truly .. it did ! .. it uttered that phrase "resistance is FUTILE JOY" .. it got rather personal, but hey .. I didn't resist did I ? .. something that cost $30 and is 6 feet tall .. hum .. so many jokes .. so little post area to work in .. uh .. I fluttered for a moment .. sorry.
I don't want to cover this striking structure (nice alliteration .. EH ?) up with a smothering vine .. so if any one has suggestions beyond just leaving this stand alone to be appreciated for its good bones .. drop a comment with your idea and I will be tickled pink (my favorite colour !)


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

I don't know if it would work up there, but down here many clematis are nice small vines that show the structure they are growing on. Jackmani (probably spelled that wrong) is really pretty

Vanillalotus said...

Maybe Joy you can have some plant grow in it. Like a tall non flowering plant that you can just place the structure of it. So the plant doesn't climb on it and you can still see the structure. Or pant it a color that stands out against some plants you have. I can't think of any other ideas. I'm a vine lover and would be covering that thing up in some sweet peas or what not.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Debbie .. I know what you mean .. and that might work .. I have a few extra scattered around .. so I know I have some on tap to try it out with . thanks !

Vanillalotus .. I am a vine lover too .. and that was my first thought .. but then I just love this detail on it and would like to have it show .. painting it flat black may be an idea so it will stand out more .. good thoughts ! Thanks !

Anonymous said...

I would leave it bare. Isn't that going to be lovely under snow? Can't believe I just said that, after moaning and groaning about snow the past couple of weeks!


I would "plant" it in the center of my rose garden and have its vertical structure play against the rounded bushes. What a delightful find! I"m jealous : )

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Melissa .. if only I had a separate rose garden that would be an ideal setting ! I'm so happy to have found this .. the sort of thing you rae looking for but didn't know it until you SAW it ! LOL

gardenpath .. your pictures are so stunning all the time .. matched up with the Haiku .. well, as perfect a combination possible ! AND .. yes .. I thought that too .. even with all the snow we have had .. jeez ! haha

Viooltje said...

Seems to me you have been assimilated! Not that I can think of any good ideas at the moment, but the 1st thing I thought of was Cypress vine (Ipomea quamoclit), as it is just so ... feathery! I used to train it on a bulky clematis trellis but cause of its lightsome looks it was hardly noticeable when not in bloom. I think it wouldn't conceal the striking structure or the impact it has on the collective mind! Hope this helps. I better end my pondering now, being a Star trek drone, I could easily get carried away.

Crafty Gardener said...

Oh my, that is gorgeous. And if you can't decide what to do with it, I'll drive over and pick it up and put it in my garden. I would willing part with $30 for that. But I just know you won't part with it.

How about putting it over a tall plant, like Helen's flower, the actual name escapes me right now. Then the flower will grow up inside the obelisk, and the blooms will peek out through it.

I'll be looking forward to seeing this photo from your garden once you have decided what to do with it.

Hubby should go away golfing more often, and maybe he can convince mine to go with him so I can go shopping too. :)

lintys said...

very pretty Joy. I like pink! Clematis would be nice.

Gail said...

I love the resistance is futile...and I did like Generations Star Trek!

A sweet clematis would look nice in it.


Melanie said...

Joy, I know what, send it to me and I'll show you pictures of what I planted it with. Then you can decide if you like my ideas or not...

If I see anything close to that around here at that price I'm going to buy TWO!

Anna said...

Now don't jump and down and hug me to death or anything--but there are many grasses that would just make that piece pop. Choose one that will send up some kind of plume--Like annual Purple Fountian Grass. It won't overpower the piece and get too big and the greenery part will stay toward the bottom. It will complement the color and not hide the ornamental qualities.

hisierra said...

Common as it may be, I think I'd plant Morning Glories to climb it. Purple ones. They'd die back come Autumn so's the structure would be bare for next winter. Nice blog!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Guys !
First off I should have included some kind of "vote" meter here .. this is great !

Hi hisierra .. thanks for stopping by ! .. I have a lot of morning glories already pegged for certain areas .. but there is a red one on hand that might be a contender !
Thanks !

Hi anna ( trying to keep the "jump" factor in check girl ! haha ) .. hum ... that is an idea too ... I have thought a maybe to that as well .. it would give me an excuse to get another fountain grass !

melanie ... you little devil .. trying to trick me again ! .. how about I put it in the mail for you to test drive a plant .. then send it back to me , plant included ? LOL .. I might get out the door one more time to SEE if the smaller sizes are left !!!

Hi Gail .. I think you are the 3rd clematis vote .. and that is leaning towards a solid almost maybe now .. I did a late planting of two that were on sale .. dead cheap .. now I have to hunt plant tags to see what they were !

Hi lintys ... 4th clematis vote .. this is beginning to gain momentum ! Thanks !

Crafty .. do you know I have asked Lisa at SCP in Hay Bay to see if she can have Helenium "Mardi Gras" there for me ? .. isn't that weird you thought of THAT !
Does your hubby play golf ? .. I can let mine know for the next trip ! haha

Viooltje hi there ! Too right that Home Sense HAS assimilated me for sure ! .. and wow .. I do have the seeds for Cypress vine .. white and red but I have them planed for my raised bed below the deck railing to climb up on fine netting .. funny you should think of that too ? ! .. I also go off on a drone logic thinking spell and find it hard to stop, snoring insues after a set time ? ... haha .. thanks !