Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Pink Skyrocket exploding into stars ...

Pink Skyrocket Tiarella is breaking out into all those delightful tiny star flowers now. It strikes me some what like fireworks ? .. you can almost hear the little buds go "POP!" .. Chardonnay Pearls Deutzia also has its own unique explosion of gorgeous tiny white stars for flowers ... that will come next, something to look forward to : )


chey said...

That is beautiful Joy! It truly does look like fireworks.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Chey .. it is my favorite Tiarella .. for now ? haha

Laura said...

Beautiful! I have been talking about the sizzle of spring flower myself today. It seems to be that time, when the really electrifing plants start to bloom!

Ill have to remember this one.

Gail said...

I don't have pink tiarella......must go on the list!!

How are you Joy? And the girls? I am doing pretty well, our son was visiting and I am afraid he gets a lot of my energy and time when he visits. Not much time for blogging and chatting.


Rose said...

I have a tiarella, though it must be a different kind, but it hasn't bloomed since we moved. Wish I had skyrockets like you!
Are you sure you didn't have a plan for your front garden? The play of different textures is perfect. And I like your garden "jewelry," especially the blue glass.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Rose .. I wonder what Tiarella you have ? .. there are a few .. I would like another one with darker foliage .. they are good for dry shade. Nope .. no planning at all .. just pick up the plants I lust after and plop them in an empty space ! haha
That blue glass one is my favorite .. wish I could find more like that .. garden jewelry is fun : )

Gail ! I was wondering how you were doing .. I meant to drop a line but didn't want to intrude .. I know you are busy : )
The girls and I are fine .. Emma is a naughty teenager kitten right now .. Sophie is fed up most days with her .. haha

Hi Laura .. that is a perfect description ! .. some plants just have that wow factor don't they ?
Some what unassuming plants have their moments !

Anonymous said...

What a lovely tiarella! They seem to be treated as the humble stepsisters of the more lavish heucheras and heucerellas, but as this one proves, like Cinderella, they can hold their own against all contenders! Thanks for sharing these lovely photographs.

GardenJoy4Me said...

'ben" you have nailed it on the head with the way Tiarellas are treated ! .. They are even recommended for those rotten 'dry shade" areas we have problems with .. as you said though, they do have their time in the spotlight !