Monday, 14 July 2008

Long day of Mommy Raccoon that left a baby behind ...

This has been one hell of a day .. are we allowed to say hell on here ? ..
The chattering I was so frantic about this morning , because in itself it sounded so frantic .. it just struck my heart so deeply .. YES ! I want the raccoon(s) out of the house but I don't want THEM to suffer .. just leave PLEASE.
Well this is what has happened .. Mrs. FB Raccoon had a couple of babies in the attic which shocked us all .. including the pro who has worked in this capacity for 18 years.
He had been in the attic a few times .. no indication of even one raccoon living there by way of any dirty habits .. no pooh or smell .. THANK the fates ! .. and certainly no indication of BABIES.
BUT .. this is what happened .. the one way spring loaded door did work .. but it snapped into place after MOMMY raccoon brought one baby out .. "mini me" FB Raccoon (a runt of the litter from what Pro-man could see with his extended mirror) was left behind and of course beside him/herself .. THUS the frantic chatter that has had me crying most of the day (I don't usually cry like this .. I'm an army wife .. tough as boots) .. not knowing what the situation was until Pro-Man got here and cased the whole attic out .. could not reach baby though, but at least identified the poor little bugger.
So .. trap door off .. free access for mommy to come back and get her baby .. please, please come back mommy .. baby may even pluck up the courage to come out on his own and we are so hoping mom will be near to grab him/her in her arms and take baby to new home where sibling is.
I feel so drained .. poor hubby has been working so hard with Pro-Man , as Pr0-Man has been working hard too .. we all just want a happy ending to this whole unbelievable raccoon saga with no casualties ..
No pictures of raccoon .. I know it would have been great .. but I have the picture of the ingenious wooden box Pro-Man made to set this in motion .. but heaven knows we did NOT any of us have a clue this was the situation ..
I have to go flop on my bed again .. huge headache swollen eyes .. again with 'Night of the Living Dead" look ............ good thing I'm not too vain ? LOL
Fingers crossed tonight is the night Mrs. FB Raccoon gets Mini Me FB Raccoon ?


Laura said...

Oh my thats enough to make the heart ache. I hope your racoon problem is resolved soon, with the momma and the babes comming back together. In the mean time, invest in ear plugs :(

Darlene said...

Oh no, I didn't know there were babies....the mommy definately needs to get to the baby left behind. I do hope she gets it and gets them moved to another location quickly. I am like you, I wouldn't want to hurt it.....just try to get it to go somewhere else humanely.

Brenda Kula said...

Okay, I'm in the model of the bathroom remodeling. Did I miss something? Is this the originial Pro man who was an idiot? Or is this another pro raccoon specialist? Wouldn't you know there are babies involved? How else to tear the heartstrings but involve innocent babies who aren't bastards yet! Well, maybe there are if mama didn't marry daddy...
xoxo, Brenda

chey said...

Sorry to hear about all the commotion Joy. I'm sure some day you will be able to look back on all this and smile! In the meantime, I'll keep my fingers crossed that the mother raccoon returns for the baby real soon!

Water Roots said...

Oh no, no no...this story now has a really sad part to it where an entire box of kleenex wouldn't be enough to wipe up all the tears... This is awful :( I love animals, have a terrible weakness for them, and I get so heartbroken with stuff like this. I'm so sorry you're going through this. I would be frantic too! Yes, yes, I hope the mommy comes back to get the other baby... How awful... Poor little thing must be scared to death! I have my fingers crossed for you, for a happy ending! Keep us posted...

cindee said...

Oh dear. You sound like me, I always feel bad for a animal in distress. How old is the baby? Maybe she just had them? I hope she comes back tonight too. I net the baby is hungry.

Weed Whackin' Wenches said...

Oh wow! That's quite a ton of drama for you in one day. Here's hoping momma and baby are reunited.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Curmudgeon .. thankfully a happy ending as far as we know .. I couldn't stop feeling so weepy with the baby crying like that .. woman's hormones totally out of control ? ; )

Cindee that is what I worried about on top of the "IF" factor .. if mom would be brave enough to come back .. thankfully she was .. I'm grateful to hubby being that interested to watch for this to happen !

Hi WR .. I'm so happy mom came back last night .. if I had another day like yesterday I think I would curl up and cry nonstop .. I cried enough as it was .. I hope never to have to go through anything like this again .. BIG sigh !

Chey .. thanks .. it was a nightmare yesterday .. so glad mom came back for baby .. hope they can survive somewhere nice for them ? .. just not in our house ? LOL

Brenda .. you made me laugh girl .. thanks ! No this is not the guy I FIRED .. he was so inept he laughed at our quiry if babies could be involved ..LOSER !!!
This "Pro-Man" has worked his butt off for us .. and did it in a humane way which helps so much .. mom got baby and my best wishes to her (married) or single mom she has tried so hard to look after her family and not make a mess in our attic .. I so appreciate that from her !
Good luck with the remodle .. been there done that too !! : )

Darlene .. mission complete with mom coming back thankfully .. I hope she and the kids are in a safe place .. there are very few safe places now in our neighborhood. I so hope they will be OK too !

Laura .. finally family reunited .. and hopefully in a greenspace with no problems like humans ? wanting them to move again ? LOL