Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Do Plants Talk To Themselves ?

I took these pictures very early this morning .. just after 6 AM .. I'm a morning person what can I say ? Plus less chance of me scaring the neighbors with my questionable morning attire , no one should suffer by way of that state of affairs .. the cats just love me for their meals .. no dress code required ?
Anywhooo .. when I took this picture with the sun peeking over from the left .. I could have sworn the dill and the passion flower were having a conversation ! To the point of a touchy feely type of camaraderie .. can you see what I mean ? It made me wonder about those scientific experiments that tried to record some kind of reaction from plants under different influences. I dread to think of what some of them think of me after some of the things I have done to get them to look just right ? or ... sort of ... thrown some out of the garden under sheer frustration ? Did they find another home when we took that greenery to the compost recycle .. are they coming back to get me ? in the form of compost ?
It does make you stop and think a little bit about the whole circle of life and all that jazz .. for a few seconds at least ?.. I still think these two are having a conversation ; )


cindee said...

I wonder what they are saying...Gee our mom sure does take good care of us. We better bloom out heads off this summer(-:
I talk to myself

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hey Cindee .. I think they do make some snide comments about me when my back is turned .. LOL
I don't think there is a gardener that doesn't talk to themselves when they are thinking out loud ?

Darlene said...

How does look like they are leaning together talking.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Darlele .. that is what I thought too .. they were 'leaning in" to hear each other better ? LOL