Monday, 18 August 2008

Quickie Photos of the Day

Today was clean the house day so these pictures are a last moment thing .. especially now that we have thunderstorms rolling through at the moment .. the rain is welcomed once again though ! I have a soft spot for my heavy metal snail that won't break any body parts thankfully ! Dave and my Toad are enough to try and handle with broken limbs and mushrooms .. BIG sigh ! I love this beautiful thyme in the pot .. so green and healthy looking and soft to touch. Scent and touch are high on my list of deck pots .. I'm making plans for next year already .. herbs and a few veggies .. fewer fussy flowers .. more sensible than I have been in years ?

I still am fascinated by the Virgin Bower seed heads .. such curly wild hair ? You have to laugh at it : )

Morden Sunrise is holding its own by way of my neglect. That is the key point of having it really .. I know it can look after itself and still look absolutely beautiful ! I have a little Summersweet shrub by it .. along with Pennisetum alopecuroides 'Hamelin' .. how is that for a mouth full of it ? .. I love ornamental grasses so they are a mainstay in all of my gardens.
And of course my Helenium accompanied by Sir Stork .. there is far too little sun in what was a sun area now ... so relocation is a must soon. Things changed far faster than I could have accounted for ... darn !

Joe Pye is looking a week bit skinny .. I pinched back at different levels but I don't think it did it good in general form .. note for next year .. leave the poor guy ALONE !!!

This Beauty Bush "Dream Catcher" may also be on the relocation list .. it just won't have the room it needs under the crowded apple tree .. even if "face" keeps it company .. Big sigh !


cindee said...

Love all your stuff(-: I pulled a ton of Crocosmia 'Lucifer' out when I got home from work. They were in need of moving but then I decided they might be moving out of my They need more sun too and were not blooming at all this year so out they go to a new place.(-: It could also be cuz they were over crowded. Although I have had a bad year with a lot of plants so who knows. I will try moving them to a sunny location for next year.

Anna said...

Cleaning day--well that's boring. It does have to be done. Even though I started pumpkining, I had to get the necessary stuff out of the way first so I could do the fun stuff. I want to make these cute pumpkins out of tin cans--just paint them all different colors of orange--then make the face. Put a tea light inside...doesn't it sound cute!!!

I saw a lot of Joe Pye Weed this weekend up in the mountains. It reminds me of sedum on a

GardenJoy4Me said...

Anna .. I'm sure I saw that craft on Martha one year .. I never watch her show EXCEPT for Halloween things because she is a Halloween NUT too .. take pictures .. and YES ! Joe Pye is like that ! .. too funny !!!

Cindee .. it sounded like you were having a bad year all round with your garden .. that is the pits .. maybe next year things will sort themselves out ?? Hope so !

Giddy said...

Next year I have to seriously divide all of my perennials. My garden is so overgrown this year and things are not blooming as robustly. Guess I'd better spend the winter getting in shape!

Nancy J. Bond said...

Ooo -- love that Helenium photo! Those blooms look amazing against the grey of that fence!

Roses and Lilacs said...

The helenium is a nice color. I should grow that, it is a tough plant and quite tolerant of drought.

The clematis seed heads are interesting. Do they keep thru the winter in dried arrangements?

Brenda Kula said...

That is my hair actually! It's short now. But when it was long, Katy bar the door! Looked like I'd perpetually stuck my finger in a light socket!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Brenda .. when I was too young to fight .. my mom permed my hair and it was SCARY ! No wonder I have baby fine hair to this day !!!

Marnie .. they get even wispier like cotton must look when it is picked ? they are amazing even through a snow storm !

Hi Nancy .. yup ! the soft grey of the wooden fence is a great drop back to those hot colours .. I love it too !

Giddy .. I'm in big trouble with that problem too .. it just went BANG over night I swear ! .. I have been putting it off but I have to get some serious work done SOON ! YIKES !!!