Sunday, 21 September 2008

Do You Suffer from "Trapped Grass" Syndrome ?

What on earth was I thinking when I planted this gorgeous large ornamental grass in this tiny weeny spot .. it yells at me almost every day now "HELP !!! I'm trapped and I can't get up and get out of here !" .. and of course the Goatsbeard eggs it on .. it is also in shall we say "close" quarters .. but not as much as this beauty Miscanthus sinensis v. purpurascens
Now I will have to see it mumble continuously for the rest of this year while just being gorgeous with the change of seasons. It turns a brilliant reddish tone and is a stunner .. but hardly to be appreciated while TRAPPED in this corner.

You might be thinking about all these hundreds of "seeds" . I can safely saw it is not a problem. This grass is a clumper and I have yet to find naughty seedlings anywhere.
So don't suffer from this syndrome .. take care when planting this gorgeous grass .. give it room to show you how beautiful it truly is as it ages .. wish I could say the same thing !!


Brenda Kula said...

I go both about the gardens and about the house telling myself I need to do this and that. And wanting to sit down and stop taking note. But I can't do it! And I can't decide anything right now!

our friend Ben said...

Ha!!! All too many of my plants are pleading and moaning for more room, too, but it's usually the container plants calling piteously, "Can't you at least pot us up THIS year?!!"

GardenJoy4Me said...

"ben" ... so you hear those voices too ? PHEW !!!! I'm glad it is NOT just me : )
Some year we will get it right ? .. i still smell the fabulous fennel bouquet here ; )

Brenda .. did you say you are a Libra by any chance .. we have vision but not with complete tasking capabilities .. but .. on the other hand .. once we get going ? LOL
I know you haven't been feeling well with the reno going on .. you need a time out girl .. TAKE IT ! LOL

walk2write said...

In my mind's eye, I see a new pill for this condition getting ready to go on the market. It's guaranteed to control cravings for darling plants in tiny pots that exceed your expectations or the salesperson's promises. I'm signing up as a guinea pig for the experimental trials.

GardenJoy4Me said...

W2W ... I'm next in line for that one ! .. I have taken a vow for next year (yes .. already) .. just pots that I really mean business with ? haha .... yeah ..... RIGHT !

Anonymous said...

Nice grass and good advice - that whole maiden grass crowd needs room to roam... although, as you say, just the clump keeps growing in girth, without pesky "volunteers." Also, be sure it's in a good spot and won't need moving very often... have you ever tried transplanting one that's been in the same spot for years? Quite the project! ~ Deb

GardenJoy4Me said...

Deb .. big yes to that moving thing .. ouch ! and ... I have to try and do it with this one next Spring .. maybe I should just tie a rope on hubby's truck and tug it out that way ? haha
They are beautiful though .. so they seduce you with their appearance ! : )

中島 彰信 said...

There is also same glass in my garden. A stock becomes big every year. Her child is also growing into other places this year.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello there visitor from Japan. I enjoyed looking at your blog .. wonderful pictures of the scenery and the dolphins ! Thank you for visiting my blog : )