Tuesday, 7 October 2008

The "other" Bamboo and Berries "To Go"

I think my front garden bamboo was getting too comfortable thinking it was "king pin" of my garden world .. so I have to show a picture of my back garden bamboo still "Green Panda" .. in the perfect spot for screening and the "Oh my what a beautiful bamboo you have there" compliments ... even if it is only me saying that to ME ! : )

"... and now for something completely different !" any Monty Python viewers out there will get THAT ! .. Our Mountain Ash has matured to making lovely RED berries now .. and they fall any where they please. So before any one says or thinks it .. NO ! I did not put that little clump of berries THERE .. it did a good job all by itself !
Note Japanese Painted Ferns "spot" becoming more beautiful with each year ... OK ... since last year ?? .. They are looking very nice though !
No ... this is not Godzilla ... this is me ... trying to show my little Winter Green berries .. they are just too sweet to believe .. I get a big kick out of this little plant .. berries are the topping ! : )


cindee said...

the bamboo is cute. Does it stay small like that? That would be nice to not worry about it taking over the garden like some bamboos do. The ferns are doing well too. I love the colors(-:Last spring I put up a shelf on the outside of my daughters window and planted pots of geraniums in them. Well they didn't get enough sun so they didn't bloom to well at all year I will plant ferns in the pots instead(-: I thought about pots of fake geraniums but I think ferns will do well.(-:

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Cindee .. Green Panda gets nice and tall (my goal is privacy screening in one area and IMPACT in another) but it is a "clumping bamboo" so it doesn't have 'runners" and spread like others .. ferns can get a bit picky too .. and there is that water thing .. they like moist well drained soil. They make fake plants look so good now a days I wouldn't blame you for window boxes .. you wouldn't have to worry about the watering thing for sure then ! LOL