Saturday, 25 October 2008

Rain Day Sighs

It is a "rain day" here ... actually it is supposed to rain for a few days. Why oh why didn't I get the last of the Spring bulbs in .. and a few more garden chores done .. like to empty the rain barrel before it is full again ? .. it will be bursting full now .. sigh !
This is a shot from the deck door .. it doesn't pick up all the colour and details I can see .. but maybe if you think "seeing through a lot of raindrops" ?
I wanted to show off our Pacific Sunset Maple starting to change its colours .. it is some what of a micro climate case, in my back garden so this tree has been protected from the cold for a while .. but the change is rolling in faster .. it is hard to distinguish our trees and the neighbor's big maple in the back ground .. it also has been taking its time changing colour.
if you click on the picture yo can see the Mountain Ash tree berries in bunches to the right hand side.
The Sumac is still holding on to its gown of feathery leaves .. I almost think of it as a "rainbow" tree .. so many different colours all at once .. it still amazes me !
the copper wind twirler is weathering nicely .. I am kicking myself for not grabbing two of them .. the price was RIGHT ! and the simple design was perfect .. hope I can find another one next Spring when the race is on for garden decor ? haha
Dave and Toad are well put off with me .. I haven't featured them in any posts for ages .. Dave is as mad as a wet hen ? do hens really get mad when they are wet ?
In any case .. neglecting a garden gnome is serious business .. I think he is at the bottom of my disappearing pumpkin out front .. so I better smooth his feathers, before all my pumpkins go missing ?
In the background is hubby's favorite plant (Passionflower) that he thinks will survive our winter in its pot on the deck .. I keep telling him it won't happen.
I wouldn't mind being wrong on this one though : )


Defining Your Home said...

Rainy here today, too. Beautiful foliage! You've got some cute friends. :-) Cameron

tina said...

Rainy days indeed. Love them occasionally at my place. I don't know how you put up with those 'gnomes'. What a good sport. I need to learn this lesson as I would get very mad if my gnomes did this to me. Grrrr

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

I so want a miniature maple tree to keep in a large container. I saw some in a recent gardening magazine. I have a wind twirler that looks about like yours. It's hanging from the gazebo in the courtyard.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful colors in your yard right now Joy. Everything looks good with a few raindrops. :)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi PG .. I have to say I am grateful for the rain in one respect .. watering in the plants before it snaps to the truly cold weather .. brrrr ! Lots of leaves to drop soon .. good winter mulch !

Brenda .. you have me curious about those mini maples .. are they Japanese Maples ? .. I would like to have one in a pot too but our winters are so cold I don't think it would make it.
Hey we should start a "copper twirller?" club ?

Hi Tina .. once you have a gnome, you have to be good to him (most of them are him-s ?) .. Dave is named after a friend's husband in the UK (similarities are astounding ! haha).. they are known to be very tempermental .. so I better be especially nice now !

Hi Cameron .. I bet Charm is all curled up on her big pillow snug as a bug ? .. yes, the colours are still beautiful, but that feeling is close .. the big leaf drop is soon ! LOL

Nola @ the Alamo said...

That sumac is beautiful; they grow wild in pastures, and along the roads here in Texas. I've always wanted to dig one up and see if I'd have any luck transplanting it.
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am so proud of that passion vine. My dad had one years ago that covered one whole side of our garage wall; it was awesome. I can't wait until next spring/summer to see it grow and hopefully begin to bloom! That was so sweet of Debbi to share!
I love the kitties on your sidebar; I am the pet human to 5 adorable kitties!

Kate said...

I was saying the same thing for different reasons. It was the perfect day to plant bulbs but they haven't arrived. I've been waiting a month, now! Sigh... Lovely photos.

Bren said...

Thank you for sharing these wonderful Autumn thoughts with us on the web. Your garden is wonderful and the kittens are just too cute!

Happy Autumn and THANK YOU!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Hi, do you find that we are not just on opposite ends of the country, but opposite weather paterns also? When we cool you have hot, when you have rain, we have sun. Could the gnomes have something to do with it?
As for the gorgeous copper twirler, our garden centre had a enormous one, 5 feet long, exactly the same. And lots and lots of smaller, medium sized, and larger, then one day the Boss decided they all had to be polished......
Try bringing the passiflora vine into a very cool, frost free location, bright. It may survive. It also might do much better if you were to bury it in the ground, and mulch the heck out of it.

Ewa said...

Even in the rain your porch looks bright :) that orange pumpkin makes the effect :)
Thank you for good wishes for Atomik :)

Sue Swift said...

Me too - the weather here has been glorious, and every day I've been thinking "A perfect day to clear up the plants on the balcony" - and haven't. And today is grey and miserable, but I've got to get it done and it's going to be no fun at all. Why are we our own worst enemies ... ?

GardenJoy4Me said...

Sue .. you are so right girl ! we seem to put off shutting down our little green heaven because we enjoy it so much .. sure I can use a break during the winter .. but I am SO ready way before Spring .. say ... right after Xmas ? LOL
I have to get my chores done this week !!!

Hi Ewa .. I hope Atomik is feeling better today : ) .. thanks for stopping by .. I know you must be preoccupied with the little guy . Yes ! even a little orange pumpkin brightens up a dull day ! Thanks!

Hi Jen .. I think the gnomes DO have something to do with the tricky weather systems .. naughty creatures that they are !
Oh my god .. you guys had to polish all of them ? .. I thought the thing to do with them now is just leave them to their own devices .. since they go outside and are going to weather ? holy crap !
I understand your logic about the passion flower .. if we had a garage it might work .. but hubby is determined to do it this way .. so I'm going to let him have his way ? LOL ... wink wink .. men !!

Hi bren .. thanks for stopping by my bog too ! and you are very welcome ! The girls are more than happy to have fans .. haha
Happy Autumn back girl : )

Hi Kate .. no bulbs after a month of waiting is not a good thing for sure .. I would be disgruntled too ? LOL
Hope they show up this week for you : )

Hi Nola .. we have Sumac in colonies all over the place .. I think that is why a lot of people don't bother having them in their gardens .. but I wanted one most of my garden life but waited until I had my own garden .. I love it no matter how many are around.
That must have been a gorgeous sight with your dad's passion flower .. we were amazed with the one we had covering a brick wall in the courtyard garden. Yup ! Debbie is a very nice gal : )
Glad you have the vine .. look forward to photos !! .. and 5 fur babies .. now that is a cat house ! LOL

Andrea's Garden said...

Well, gotta have some rain, too? Right? :-) I haven't planted my spring bulbs yet, but hope the weather will be kind and allow me to do that on another weekend. Pretty pictures. Andrea

Rusty in Miami said...

Beautiful colors, we are also getting an unseasonable amount of rain this year, and in my case is delaying the winter vegetable planting

WiseAcre said...

I'm enjoying the rain day off even if it's not raining today. I needed a break and I also needed some time to play 'tag'.

Who best to pester than you - 'Tag your IT' Come by and pick up the rules and then you can pick on someone else. (give me a bit of time - I still need to pick on two more)

Megan said...

The rain does make everything perk up nicely. I could go for a bit of rain around here. I just planted a bunch of stuff this weekend, and it's almost 70 degrees today. I suppose I should be out watering now.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi megan .. yes ! you can use some rain for sure girl. After planting I always feel guilty that I haven't watered .. or watered enough .. never ending cycle with the watering thing eh ?

Dear Mr. WiseA** .. I just left a HOT note for you on your site .. explaining life in terms of the Joy factor ! .. half the tag .. which means everyone can breath a sigh of relief here ?
You are still VERY naughty and yes .. I see Bugs Bunny as your role model for SURE !!

Hi Rusty .. it is hard to imagine some one planting veggies this time of year ! We are ready to pack up the garden and cruise plant sites to keep us sane ! LOL

Andrea .. what a gorgeous new look to your site ! It is beautiful : )
I love those roses .. I'm sure you have lots of time yet to plant Spring bulbs .. the weather is just right !

lynnsdecor said...

A cat lover and a garden blogger! It is my dream! Right now I only have one cat, I volunteer at a cat shelter, and only have a few house plants due to being in an apartment. But I am gonna sell Garden Decor; as soon as I get a webpage up. (Plus, I dont want to get in trouble for 'spamming' my business)
I'll probably check your blog to see what is 'in' for gardens in the spring! ;-) -Michelle

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Michelle
I just stopped by your blog and wow .. you literally just started it ! All shiney and new : )
Thanks for stopping by mine .. and I will be checking yours for garden decor ideas .. good luck with the blog and the business !

lynnsdecor said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my new blog. I had that great post in my head, got it out, and now cant think of anything else! Newbie writer's block?
Plus, right now, people aren't thinking about their garden...the holidays and cool weather are taking over. But I'm in the south of the U.S. so it wont be cool for long. Then I'll get some ideas.
Thanks again for taking the time to read my posting. :-)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Michelle .. You are very welcome ! .. have you joined Blotanical ? .. is that how you found my blog ? .. if you haven't joined , go ahead and do that because you will find loads of bloggers from areas near you too ! and it could be a more perfect site to blog about garden decor.
Yes ! .. I have run into blogger's BLOCK too ... it will be especially hard for the winter .. unless i talk about new cultivars of plants I love .. then I can't shut up ? LOL

Anonymous said...

Love the rainy day photos - colors are moist and rich. No trouble up your way with fire blight on Sorbus? So common around here, that Corliss doesn't even carry blight-resistant hybrids. I do love those berries!

Has Dave dried off, by now? ~ Deb

GardenJoy4Me said...

Deb ... a BIG YES to that one .. I have been battling it here .. garden sulpher is a main stay to try and keep some of it under control .. what a huge pain in the butt though ! .. are there resistant cultivars ? .. dave is almost dried from the rain but is now cursing snow ... go figure ? LOL

The Hunky Gardener said...

I love Dave. Don't neglect him or he will get drunk on gin from your juniper and pee all over your toad!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Dear Hunky .. how the heck are you ! .. Dave stated right from the beginning that he was an "ale" gnome .. that he was not beyond brewing his on on the side .. under the deck with Toad helping him .. I knew I caught a wiff that was more complex than WG and his "gas" .. I will be moving Dave and Toad to a safer loacation so I can keep an eye on his activities .. rest easy Hunky ! LOL