Thursday, 9 October 2008

Thursday .... hum .... random picture day again ?

I look forward to every Autumn especially for some plants in the garden that I have a soft spot for .. which basically means plants that I didn't have any problems with and look fantastic in spite of me ?
These two are stellar in that department .. Purple Sage and Sedum (not sure if it is Autumn Joy or Autumn Fire .. oops !)
They just look great together as their colours deepen more and more with the cooler weather.
I really like the "tumble over the wooden border" thing that the sage does .. these wooden ties will be gone next year .. I'm sure Mr. Wiseacre will be relieved finally ? haha
Royal Red Buddleia is still blooming like mad .. and i so appreciate it trying to hold up the buddleia end in the garden while Nanho Blue is recovering with its move (and it is doing very well with lots of new growth so fingers crossed !)

My False Blue Indigo has also been remarkable this year .. it is HUGE and really makes a heck of a statement under the apple tree.

Karly Rose Fountain Grass ... well it is one of my favorites and also holds its place as a focal point in my garden. It just keeps getting better and better !
I have been very happy with Walker's Low Nepeta .. I have trimmed it back quite a few times during the season and it keeps looking so nice , no matter a bad hair cut day or not !
Variegated Porcelain Berry Vine has been in my garden for quite a few years and it is finally on the right track fro wiring in on its arbor .. over the hump you might say. the berries are amazing and the birds love them to bits !

I couldn't help but throw my Monkshood in here for how odd does this look ? statement .. that middle one looks like it has an open mouth and is shouting ! ... the others just have ALIEN faces ?


camellia said...

Those Monkshoods are awsome, and they do look like faces of quite upset ladies... I have a couple of these, but had them hanging around in their pots for too long before I eventually got them down into the soil. I do hope they will be as grand as yours next year.
Greetings from England,

Northern Shade said...

Your monkshead are a lovely shimmery blue. You can tell which bloom is the primma donna in the monkshood choir.
The fountain grass has a great arching outline. Are you going to leave it up for the winter?

Susie said...

These pictures are so pretty. That Porcelain berry vine is has such pretty foliage. Those berries remind me of Poke berries. That sage and sedum are very nice together.

Love the pictures of your kitties too! Wish I could have kitties but my hubbie is allergic.

Darlene said...

All I can say like I always do...GORGEOUS pictures!! I LOVE looking at your gardens!!

WiseAcre said...

Yea go ahead and blame me for improving your garden :)

22 days to go

Nice sky photos - I don't get to see sunsets at home. Living in a wooded bowl between two hills cuts off both sun rise and setting. Not that I ever planned on seeing a sun rise again.

tina said...

All the plants look so healthy and happy. What is your secret?

cindee said...

T.G.I.F. I am so ready for the week to be over!!!!
I broke down and bought a pumpkin yesterday. I need a few more but they are all the same size at WM so I am going to go somewhere else to find some different sizes(-: Have a great day~~~~~(-:

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Cindee ... I know what you mean about trying to find different sized pumpkins .. you need that girl ! .. Yes, the weekend .. and it will be a bit busy since it is Thanksgiving weekend for us .. but the weather forecast is beautiful !

Hi Tina .. Thank You !... my goodness .. dumb luck ? garden gnomes .. and gargoyles .. ? a combination of these thing ? LOL

Dear Mr. WiseA** .. if I lived in a wooden bowl, I'd be filled with various nuts and a nutcracker for Xmas .. so now I know why you are the way you are ? haha ..
You may not literaly see sunrises but you POP up every morning ! : )
...and kindly give people garden advice ? wink wink

Darlene girl .. you are always so darn sweet .. are you eating a lot of sugar every morning ?? LOL Thank You !

Hello Susie .. Thanks you for stopping by and such nice remarks .. I appreciate it : )
Yes .. this vine is a good one .. not too much trouble and it looks great all season ! The kitties love all their compliments too : ) .. sorry about hubby : (

Hi Northern Shade
.. It was touch and go with the monkshood this year .. it took off like a rocket and would have been HUGE if I did't pinch back (which I normally wouldn't with this plant) remarkable flowers aren't they ? Yes ! I keep Karly up till Spring and then cut it back .. it is wonderful during the winter .. great interest during that time : )

Hello Camellia from England ! .. Thank you for stopping by my blog : )
Monkshood are amazing plants .. I'm sure yours will settle into the garden with no problem .. they are rather stoic plants .. rather British of them ? LOL

VP said...

Joy - I have Autumn Joy in my garden. The heads are much larger than the ones you've shown, but that could be just down to the difference in our growing conditions?

Look out for a very fun blogging event tommorrow, that you're going to love!!!!!! Let's All Post Cat Pictures and Dire Poetry on Our Blogs day. It's hosted by The Inelegant Gardener in response to an article that James from Gardening from Blackpitts Garden wrote in one of our national magazines. I think you're going to laugh a lot and hopefully join in? Naturally, I'm joining in.

Are you enjoying Dr Who? That other programme you mentioned is on a channel we don't subscribe to at the moment. Hopefully it'll go across to one that we do at some point in the future - looks good.

Gail said...

Hi Joy, Everything still looks wonderful in your garden. I do have to agree with your other commenters, the blue of the monkshood is very nice. I like the sedum and sage together, too. What a good looking sedum it is!

I would have to cut down lots of trees, including my neighbors in order to get the sun you have! Sometimes I am tempted to cut a few. Just to give you a sense of where I garden. I live in a 50 year old suburb of brick ranch houses. It was a wooded area before they built the neighborhood and some of the trees are very old and quite tall. We are minutes from the interstate and about 15 minutes from downtown Nashville! Had they not allowed developers to build an ugly shopping center on the nearest big street, we would still feel like the country. I can rant for hours about that one!

Have a terrific weekend Joy!


Barbarapc said...

I moved my monkshood mid-summer and am looking at sad (tho alive sticks) no flowers alas - hopes are for next year's blossoms - thanks for sharing your blooms.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi barbarapc .. I moved a buddleia midseason and I was worried I was going to lose it too .. but our plants have a lot more stamina than we think .. I'm sure your monkshood will pull through and look fantastic for next year : )

Gail .. my goodness ! I think that is such a wonderful thing to have for your garden and the neighborhood .. mature trees .. and or lots of trees really. they cut down on noise and air pollution. If I had to choose .. I would always say a wooded garden with privacy which I know you have and appreciate. That shopping center thing .. well you can run but not hide from idiot developers that make money with that sort of thing .. at least it is a wee bit away from you ? LOL
I have favorite rants too girl .. so rant on any time ! haha

Helllooo there VP ! .. I think the small head issue with (Autumn Joy or Fire .. not sure which one this is) .. is the pinching back method I do .. it keeps the plant a bit shorter with smaller but numerous flower heads .
That sounds like a great blog day and YES ! I want to join in .. I'll have to hunt down some poetry soon : )
Dr. Who is on tonight with Martha coming back and the enemies of the Time Lords episode .. looks good !
Fringe is great ! I hope it will come on a channel you get because I know you will really enjoy it !
Fingers crossed for you !

HappyMouffetard said...

Lovely photos. The Sedum and sage do look gorgeous together.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Well hello there happymouffetard : )
Thank you ! ... I think they make a lovely couple too ! LOL

VP said...

Joy - I see Happy Mouffetard has been over to you. She's the cat blog event hostess! And I came over to tell you I got the day wrong - it's Sunday, not tomorrow. I've also left you a message on Blotanical.

BTW I'm still posting away as much as ever, it's just that my feeds not in there at the mo'...

Defining Your Home said...

You have beautiful gardens! It is taking me awhile to work my way around Blotanical (the response time is very slow to load blogs, sometimes 3-5 minutes). Your blog is really great and I'd like to link to it. Cameron

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Cameron .. thank you so much !
Yes .. feel free to link .. that is a great way to start networking on Blotanical too ..
Load times have increased a lot, with the massive traffic and expansion going on with the site .. but don't get discouraged .. hang in. There are amazing blogs you will discouver !
Joy : ) .. I know .. I can't stand those "happy faces" and I still do it anyways ? go figure ? LOL

Andrea said...

OHHHHH I have some of those! I think IM posting a comment in the right thinger, but I brought Anemone of that variety this year and it's doing wonderful!!!! Im stoked to see yours looks so good!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Andrea ... girl you must be so exhausted from all the excitement. I just read about it all over at your blog .. that is wonderful you are enjoying your new home so much !
Pamina anemone is my very favorite now because it is shorter and bountiful with flowers that are so pretty ! You have some too ! You are going tolove it !