Saturday, 4 October 2008

The Xmas Tree Pumpkin Apple Store

There is a wonderful little "country" store not far from us .. Glenburnie is the name of the "village" .. The reason I started off with naming the store The Xmas Tree ... was because that is what hubby named it with such a gorgeous fir tree in front of it .. seemed a little Xmasy ? .. but then again look at all the pumpkins and apples and assorted Autumn goods all over the place : )

I had to laugh at this bin ... only a few "pie" pumpkins left .. there are an awful lot of pumpkin pies being cooked since we have our Thanksgiving holiday next weekend. We tend to buy our pie .. it is just better that way .. no one wants to see what I look like when I'm having a hot flash and trying to bake something .. the turkey, well I manage it with most of all the trimmings .. but if a pie were added to the equation .. well better left unsaid.

Another thing I had to laugh at was this one lonely pumpkin in a bin full of squash .. something like a dog in the middle of a lot of cats ? "Who let the dog out??" .. now that song is STUCK in my head ... jeez !


Darlene said...

What a neat looking "country" store!! Love it!

Anonymous said...

This looks *very* much like our local farm market, Mr. Fresh. :) I'd like to have that entire bin os squash in the bottom photo! Yum.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Nancy .. I like squash too but they are darn hard to peel and cut aren't they ? .. it is a nice store : )

Hi Darlene .. it is a country store for sure .. nice to have that so close to where we live too .. there is just something about these stores : )

cindee said...

That looks like fun!!! I enjoyed all the pictures from your trip(-: I love pumpkin pie and I love to bake my own(-: My DH makes the turkey and gravy and I do the rest. I love to bake. Happy Early Thanks Giving! I am sure the week will fly by and I will miss wishing you a great day!!!!!

The Brenda Blog said...

I can't make a decent pie crust to save my neck. So I skip it.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Brenda .. I'm with you girl .. and Costco does a pumpkin pie proud !LOL

Cindee .. thanks very much girl ! .. I think it is better if I'm not a good baker .. I would be eating myself out of the house ? haha