Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Equal time for .........

Sophie has been rather annoyed wit me lately because I have featured so many pictures of her naughty sister Emma .. so she is demanding equal time. We had a discussion on which one of her many pictures she would like to see in a post and finally after hours of debates and kitty tantrums (she has a temper when it comes to her best pose) .. that is the Siamese in her coming out ! Here we are with a nice head and neck shot ... phew !
Not only did Sophie demand equal time for her photo session .. but also for one of her favorite pieces of "cat art" .. a friend from the UK sent a trio of hugging cats and this is the middle cat .. Sophie's favorite .. I tend to like the little kitty .. but since I had no say in this post other than actually posting it .. there we are !
Sophie's Post !!


Nola @ the Alamo said...

That was a lovely photo; I think Sophie chose well, although I doubt she has ever taken a bad photo. Tell Sophie "thanks" for sharing her art with us, too!

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

Don't argue with a damned cat. They'll scratch your eyes out and play with them.

our friend Ben said...

Sophie says "Excuse me, but I AM the senior cat!" I'm sure every oldest child (like me) can relate!

Anonymous said...

Sophie's right to be so finicky - what an excellent photo. Love the little bobcat-like tufts on her ear tips. She might have chosen the cat, but I choose the pretty blue and white pot... don't tell Sophie! /Deb

Water Roots said...

Oh your Sophie is so cute... Makes me want to get a cat again once we move. Maybe I’ll take your advice and get all three as young ones: the cat, the dog, the ferret. It will be interesting if nothing else. Tell Sophie she’s a very pretty feline.

And that comment...."that is the Siamese in her coming out " sooooooo true! I had a beautiful Siamese for years; raised her from a kitten. She was the most loving cat I've ever had but boy was she ever neurotic! And the tantrums she threw? I had less of them with my very young daughter at the time...LOL... Definitely the Siamese in her... But she was sweet.

Amy said...

Ah, she's very pretty !

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Amy .. thanks again for those links to the Stellarium ? I am going to try and figure out how it works yet ! LOL

Hi there WR .. Yes ! get all three as little ones .. and as they grow up together they will socialize as a little animal family group !
Siamese are a force unto themselves .. Sophie has quite a mix in her , the Main Coon character is the majority leader but she has her Siamese moments for sure ! LOL

Deb .. I'm laughing over the choice of the pottery .. I love the blue & white too because it reminds me of my Delft, which some is in the kitchen too !
The tufts of hair yes ! .. she is termed a Lynx Point on her paper work .. so naughty "wild thing" is present as well ? LOL

"ben" exactly !! she tolerates Emma who is stuck in "teenage" mode still .. but she enforces the "head cat" leadership when need be : )

Brenda .. I am SO laughing here girl ! You have a lot of issues to deal with .. I would never get in between you and CHOCOLATE !!!!!!

Hi Nola .. Sophie says "Thank you !" for recognizing her beauty ? LOL .. she is a very vain cat but so loveable we forgive her that ? : )

Gail said...

Your kitty girls are gorgeous...and so much fun!

Linn said...

Asta, now 18 weeks old, has yet never had her photo taken properly. She is simply never still long enough but sends her love to Aunt Sophie. We have a primadonna in the family as well, but that is our male... What do you call a male primadonna, a mail CAT primadonna...?

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Linn .. I just commented on yoour post about seeds .. I'm anbsolutely the same way and my cure is to stop trying ! .. I am always surprised to get a good picture of the girls .. some times they are in the mood to be models, the next "no way!" .. it is the cat nature : )
A male primmadonna .. I thought of Alpha-Male ?? LOL

Hi Gail .. they are my sanity savers a lot of times : )