Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Great Minds ? .. Aunt Debbie : )

OK .. first I have to say that Debbie posted before I did .. so I have to give her credit on beating me to the punch .. it has been a slow blogging day for me .. the well was running dry .. but heck ! Aunt Debbie reminded me of my seed/plant catalog , Lee Valley Tools (with the coolest gadgets for even people that didn't think they needed gadgets ! .. and sadly the end of a Canadian gardening magazine) ..
Canada only had two gardening magazines .. strange for such a BIG country with stats showing so many more people, garden now, than ever before .. so how do they rationalize dropping "Gardening Life" .. leaving Canadian Gardening to fill the gap for a large group of very frustrated gardeners who enjoy our OWN magazines that relate to our own country. Nothing against the American magazines .. but hey .. we need our own perspective right ?
This magazine was pulled so quickly none of the regular writers got a chance to do a wrap up and good bye piece .. it was BANG ! done deal .. and that is just plain sad.
So is our lack of gardening shows for Canadians .. we don't want to turn our gardens into extended living rooms .. I hate those shows that do that .. and it seems they aren't listening to REAL gardeners .. just "designers" .. the whole deal makes me mad.
But like our politicians ... "they don't listen to us" ?
OK .. off that soap box .. so, this is the last issue for Gardening Life I will get .. BIG sigh.
Lee Valley .. what can I say .. I love their STUFF !! .. they have things you didn't know you needed until you saw them in that catalog .. : )
My first seed catalog of the season .. T&T SEEDS from Manitoba .. if it can't grow there , you don't NEED IT !! haha .. Manitoba is a cold place in the winter .. they have lots of time and energy to use towards breeding great varieties of seeds and plants .. they rock !
That is where my Morden Sunrise (rose) was bred .. good and cold Manitoba : )
So in conclusion .. I didn't mean to piggy-back Aunt Debbie .. she just knocked a few cobwebs out of my brain and darn it ... the light filtered through finally ? zzzzzzzz !


Brenda@View From The Pines said...

And I can see from your photo that it was a colorful magazine! Isn't that terrible? Loving something and then poof, there it goes. I guess that's really just the way life is. A blip on the screen...

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

What?????? Gardening life is no more???
How, why?? I am completely shocked. And saddened. Here on the West Coast we do have a few more Canadian magazines, and they are pretty good. But none of them were Gardening LIfe......


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

forgive me if this is a repeat comment. I tried to submit one before and it didn't look like it took.

Anyway, piggy back anytime you like. Sorry about the magazine. We have tons of them, but none of them seem to have anything to do with the area in which I garden.

Gail said...

I have the best gardening shoes and a decent border spade from Lee! Now I need to go see what else I need from there!

Joy the state of TV gardening shows is very sad indeed...most are worthless! I am sorry to hear you lost your Canadian magazine..that is too too bad.


Crafty Gardener said...

I didn't know Gardening Life was pulled. I just ordered a subscription from a friend's daughter who was selling magazines as a fund raiser. I'll have to check into that. Have you ever seen Ontario Gardener? I really like it because it deals with our province, where as Canadian Gardening deals with all across Canada. They do have a website that you can Google.

cindee said...

Speaking of mags. I just got one today. I love to look at them and dream. To bad your Canadan mags are down to one)-: I wonder what is up with that? Geez)-: Well I guess you can always order from the U.S. There are more then enough to go around the world here. Seems like I get one a day here.

Kylee said...

But see, this is just one of the things that's great about garden blogging - we can all talk about the same thing and have different views. And even when we don't, it's nice to know we are joined with those of like minds. Either way, it's a win-win!

Sorry to hear about the demise of another magazine. And I know just what you mean about the garden shows that act like the outside is inside. I'm not going to do that, no matter how fabulous it looks there.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Kylee ! Thanks for the vote on leaving the outdoors .. OUTDOORS ! LOL .. I think I should do a poll ? haha ..
Yes ! .. we all have common threads joining us with our passion about gardening .. and it is a wonderful thing to share with so many people ! : )

Cindee .. I am a garden magazine and catalog JUNKIE ! I have stacks of them .. I should take a picture of them all ? haha
I buy them off the rack too .. especially January and February .. I go through terrible garden withdrawal then too ..
They blamed the demise of this magazine on the economy .. another scape-goat ?

Crafty .. if you go to the website you will see a small entry on the closure .. I actually pasted the blurb on the post above this one .. then a link to Marjorie's blog saying what she thought of the whole deal.
Yes ! I do like that specific Ontario one .. and I have to look at their website too, thanks for reminding me girl ! : )

Hi Gail .. Thanks .. it is sad we don't have more for us gardeners here in Canada .. and Ontario specifically .. but hey .. I still buy other magazines etc .. and drool over Lee Valley ! haha

Hi Debbie .. Thanks ! you did good with the comment .. no doubles ! LOL ... isn't that sad you don't have something more local too ? .. what is up with this state of affairs darn it !

Hi Jen .. yup .. I posted the editors comments on the one above this but if you go to their website you can read about it too .. plus Marjorie's blog with her thoughts on the whole thing. The "suits" said it was the economy .. another cloud of gaseous air ?? LOL

Hi Brenda .. yup .. a blip off the screen that will be missed .. I NEED these magazines to keep me sane during the real winter months .. BIG sigh !