Saturday, 17 January 2009

Normally I NEVER DO THIS ... but

Ok .. I normally don't do this type of thing but MT from Meadowview Thymes (we do have a lot of "aka" names on here don't we ?) .. in any case she tagged me to find a picture in the fifth file folder type of thing .. and holy cow would ya' believe it has nothing to do with gardening ??
A long story short was that we had to empty out my china cabinet to move said cabinet so the carpet guy could stretch and cut our grumpy carpet that had wrinkles in it, no cream didn't fix them ; (
Thus the picture taking because , I'm red faced here ... I never remember how I set it up and I have a touch of OCD, so if it isn't set up right (to my liking in other words) I will putter with it until I drive myself MAD and everyone else in the house LIKEWISE.
I know .................................. I am a head case but anyone who reads my blog ALREADY KNOWS that !
Part II of long story short .. the bottom dishes I bought in Holland, but are from the city of Limoges France .. where the famous and beautiful china was created.
The top china is about 60 years old and is called Pine Tree fine translucent china from Japan .. it has antique status now .. and if anyone out there has similar dishes I would love to hear from you !
Boy .. for some one who doesn't do this sort of thing I have droned on a LONG time haven't I ? .. No more tags .. for the sake of us all, PEOPLE !!!!!


Lynn said...

How beautiful, I am so glad we got to see it!!! By the way I take the same kind of pictures and am OCD just like you!!! LOL

tina said...

Very pretty Joy. Glad you got tagged so you could share the lovely china.

Anonymous said...

Well for your first time Joy, you did great! lol ;) By the way that is some beautiful china.

Meadowview Thymes said...

You win!! Yours has GOT to be the best picture! I love the china cabinet and the story that went with it!!!
Thanks for playing! I am really hesitate to ask anyone...and I'm so glad you didn't mind.
Love, love your picture!

Val at The Illustrated Garden said...

Hello! I wanted to let you know that YOU are the winner of the "Be Yourself" print over at The Illustrated Garden! Yay!!! Please email me with your snail mail address, and I'll send your print.
Your cats are truly gorgeous, by the way...

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi there Lynn .. Thank you ! .. it is so nice to know there are other 'crazy" people out there with me ? haha

Hi Tina .. well you know I don't normally do that sort of thing but MT was so nice about it .. and I had some empty ? time >> LOL

PG .. hi there girl ! Thank you : ) .. it was kind of funny .. and what turns up is a hoot ^..^

MT .. Thank you ! .. you were very sweet about it .. I almost didn't , but it was a cold dark winter night and there you go !
I can't believe I won ?? .. now that is a shock .. I didn't even know there was a prize ! haha

Hello there Val .. I am totally shocked girl ! .. I thought it was just a tag .. no prize included .. I'll get over to your spot with the info .. you do know I live in Canada eh ?? LOL

Rose said...

Beautiful china, Joy! I take pictures like this, too--better not to trust the old memory these days:)

A belated Happy Birthday to Emma! She has grown into quite a lovely lady.

Frances said...

Hi Joy, what lovely dishes, I really love the pine tree ones but do not have them, sorry, for I do have lots of dishes from my grandmother. And a very happy birthday to Emma, no wonder everyone fell for her!

Anonymous said...

Loved the elegant china! /Deb

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

Really beautiful! A wonderful vision on a cold day.


Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful photo of your china and what a lovely cabinet too. How very interesting to read about your china. I'm sure I'm not the only one who found this very interesting.


GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Rose .. and "thank you !" from Emma .. isn't it weird thinking we are going downhill fast when we know we have to do things like this .. makes me crazy !! LOL

Frances .. thank you girl ! .. I have only run across another piece while searching .. a cup and saucer (I would have bid for it too but it was bought so quickly .. darn !!) .. Yes .. Emma looked like a very old little soul in a kitten body .. she made my heart jump when I saw her .. and of course the guys fell for her too .. Sophie eventually gave in ? LOL

Hi Deb .. thank you .. it is older than me so I have to keep it around ? wink wink : )

Hi Cameron .. I'm so far from talking plants and gardens with this .. will Spring ever come ???

Hi Diane .. it really is off topic .. but the tag thing snuck ? up on me .. you know how that can happen ? : )

Gail said...

Dear Joy,

I think photographing arrangements is a good idea...The digital camera is a great tool.

Lovely china! In the dish department we are minimalists. Just a nice white china and a few pottery serving bowls. But let me show you my tea cups!


Cinj said...

I love that china. I think it sounds like something I might do too. LOL. I didn't tag with mine either, but it was fun just the same.

easygardener said...

What a clever idea - digital cameras are so useful. Think of all the time that picture saved you when you came to refill the cabinet!
Beautiful china by the way.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Gail . I never thought I would collect that type of thing either .. but Holland pushed a few buttons in me ? LOL .. I like minimalist tendencies too !
But you are a tea cup collector .. that is what I traced down for the older china and I missed bidding on it don't have it do you ?? LOL

Cinj .. I love having something in the house that is way older than I am ? haha .. yes, this tag thing .. not really me ; )

Hi easy .. I actually cleaned inside the cabinet before putting the dishes back .. now ow great is that I ask you ?? haha