Friday, 13 March 2009

My apologies ! .. what I am waiting for ......

First I have to apologise for some confusion that might have occurred while I was creating a side blog for sky pictures .. you may have seen me post as "The Sky Me" .. Blogger can be a bit tricky when you create a second blog .. I don't know how people have more multiples than two !! Yikes !!
I have been so frustrated with trying to get some decent moon pictures. Last night was so maddening .. I was running around with all the gadgets in place .. tripod at the ready .. and no matter my perfect setting and stability NOTHING good came of it .. so I'm a bit down trodden ? hum .... cranky ? .. PISSED !!!!! with the whole matter ..
But onwards and upwards .. I won't let it drive me crazier than I am ?
Good news is we have chosen the right company to do the deck .. the came in the middle with their quote but they were my favorites because of the care and detail in all the issues we addressed with them .. Monday we sign on the deal and the cranking of the wheels might just begin .. PHEW !!
In the mean time .... the weather is improving and the weekend looks good ! .. these are NOT this year's pictures .. these are last Spring's pictures .. but they are what I am holding on for and more .. this winter has been so long and so miserable .. it could be my perceptions of it but I know I have heard other gardeners say the same thing in our general area .. it isn't only ME !!!
How pretty a blue can this be ? I love these little guys and they look so nice with the yellows : )

These little gems make me smile .. they look exotic at times to me .. or is it the way I managed the shot .. blush blush ? .. OK .. I'm only joking !!

So many gardeners have been show casing their Hellebore and I have been dead jealous .. but my time will come with my old stand by Orientalis .. she never lets me down .. but I just have to find some company for her !! I need more Hellebore !!

Here is hoping I will get out and start collecting what the paper boy THREW around .. talk about killing trees for NOTHING .. stupid flyers make me mad .. what a waste and what a mess ... anyone else have that happen to them ?

I'll get over it and start hugging my garden gingerly for now : )


Nola @ the Alamo said...

I had to go back and re-read that post, thinking "dang, she's got a LOT of stuff blooming"; on the re-read I saw they were from last spring. I hope this year's blooms are as beautiful!

Karen - An Artist's Garden said...

It sounds like the end is in sight for your winter.
I look forward to seeing how the deck progresses - sounds fantastic.
Have a great weekend.

Rosemary said...

There are flyers all over the place, and lots of other garbage besides, here in East York. It drives me nuts.

easygardener said...

I like your daffodil, very pretty. I could do with a pale coloured one. Good luck with the new deck...hope there is not too much mess!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like good news with the deck. Can't wait to see what you have planned for that area. I'm sure soon you will have some spring bloomers to cheer you up. Take care Joy!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Nola .. I thought it might be a bit confusing .. I'm so desperate to see Spring in the garden : )
I'm really hoping to change things around and for the garden to look as gorgeous as it does in my head ? LOL Thanks !

Hello there Karen ! .. I'll keep a log going with how things progress I have high hopes like a kid at Christmas : )
Have a great weekend too girl !

Hi Rosemary .. thanks for stopping by ! It does drive me nuts with what ends up around here .. and what a waste of a tree's life for this crap right ?

EG .. Thank you girl ! The company promised all the mess and fuss would be taken care of .. now it is timing that we have to get straight between the shed and the deck : )

Hi Racquel .. this is all so exciting for me .. because I hope to have a landscaping company come in and make my little dreams for the garden come true too .. it always seems so wonderful in your head .. but what happens in reality can be a whole other thing right ? LOL

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

Hang in there -- spring really is going to arrive!

I know what you mean about paper flyers and such. We've opted out, gone paperless for bills and statements, etc. The only upside to this Wall Street mess is that the credit card offers have stopped coming in the mail all the time!


cindee said...

I am sure your yard will be bubbling over with blossoms!!! I can't wait to see them either!
I am glad you picked a company. That is always the hard part! Now the fun can start and you will enjoy watching the progress!
We don't get a newspaper. I read it online(-:

Gail said...

Joy, Love last spring's flowers they look wonderful! Your garden is beautiful and when we are sweating and complaining about the will be having a fantastic spring and early summer. The remodel will be a fun distraction! No moon shots's raining! gail

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

You got a fantastic shot of "the little gems!" I've been mad at my camera all week. I accidentally hit something I shouldn't have, and it's messed up. And I can't remember where I put the manual!!!

Anonymous said...

I can never get a good shot of the sky at night.
Love the Hellebore.

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

There you go again! Now I really can't wait to see your garden in full bloom!

Meadowview Thymes said...

Joy, what are the pretty blue flowers? I should know...but this old brain of mine just can't remember! :)
Glad you are seeing spring on the horizon--yea spring!!

Sunita said...

That's great ... hold the thought, and I'm sure Spring will get to you all the faster with better blooms than ever before. I cant figure out whats holding her up!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Cameron .. Thanks girl .. I know it has to come soon : ) Yes I do on line banking for everything .. it is actually odd to go into the bank now a days .. I like the paperless route too !

Cindee .. I read on line too .. but hubby likes the morning ritual of coffee and newspaper so I'm happy he enjoys that. Yes ! I will be so happy once this starts .. the deck and shed have to be timed together .. but we have to wait until June for the doors to be done, that company is so busy !

Gail .. I'm determined to get a night shot this year, some how !! We are both really excited about the renos .. I have to find one more company to help me with the garden job (new sunken rock borders instead of the railway ties) this deck company does things like that too .. so maybe ?? We have a short Spring when it does come and then oppressive heat and humidity .. so we will sweat together girl !

Brenda .. girl you are having a few menopause moments together there ! .. have a nice cup of soothing tea and just relax and collect yourself .. it will come to you !

Hey Knittnkitten ! .. is it only an SLR camera that will capture a night sky ? jeez ! Thanks girl ! : )

Tessa .. I can't wait to see it either girl .. I am going to try and get good before and after pictures .. hope the plans in my mind work out for reality ? LOL

Hi Linda .. They are Squill or Scilla (small Spring bulbs)
They are a pretty blue aren't they ? Spring is coming : )

Hi Sunita .. what is with these past seasons eh ? Winter has dragged on forever and Spring is also dragging her feet ! but she has to come soon , right ?

garden girl said...

Hi Joy, isn't it great therapy looking back on photos from previous springs!

We're in that maddening up and down period - single-digit wind chills one day, rain and 60 degrees the next. But there's lots of stuff springing to life, and it won't be long now!

Congrats on hiring your deck contractor - looking forward to seeing all the changes.

I know what you mean about hellibores - I have only one like you, but aim to rectify that. I've got two more ordered, and knowing me I'll pick up another, well who knows how many as I make the nursery rounds this spring.

GardenKazuo said...

This daffodil is very polite!!
I like this flower...I have this flower in my garden..i will put up a picture of it tomorrow...

our friend Ben said...

Hooray for the new deck! Sounds like it's going to be great! (And just think of all the houseplants and container combos you can put out there... not to mention a container water garden... ) Love your bulb photos! They're helping me hold on 'til mine are in flower. And if you e-mail me your address again, I'll send you some green-flowered hellebore seedlings to keep your orientalis company. (That's H. foetidus, but damned if I'm calling them "stinking hellebores." Ugh!) I don't know if I can get them there alive, but I have plenty, they're hardy souls, and I'm happy to try!

Kathleen said...

I cannot get a moon shot either Joy! I feel your pain. If you learn any tricks, please share them! It's been so pretty the last few nights, it's a shame not to capture a few nice shots. I've given up for now tho. Good luck with your deck project. It's always good to make a decision and move forward. I'm sure we'll see pictures?? and I also know what you mean about needing more hellebores. There have really been some beautiful ones posted on blogs this spring. I've been on the lookout myself. btw, Logees catalog says the "Maypop" passion vine is the hardiest one ~ growing up into New England ~ sounds like it would do fine in your area. I will keep you posted tho.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Linda .. Yes ! seeing last years pictures keep me going here : ) .. Today is beautiful and sunny .. but the ground is still frozen and will be for a while .. some people are out raking up their lawns already .. makes me crazy I can't yet.
YES !!! we are very excited about all the projects we are trying to get done this Spring .. we are hoping not too many unforeseen problems will pop up .. you know how that can be .. fingers crossed !

Hello Kazuochan ! Thank you : )
I will look for it tomorrow !

Hi There "ben" ! .. I'll drop you an e-mail about that ? .. and yes .. this really is an exciting change happening for the outside .. having a new deck and shed and the doors to be last to go in (June) I want to keep things nice and tidy but full of life too : )

Hi Kathleen .. I'm glad to have company with that rotten luck of not being able to get a decent shot of the moon when it is so gorgeous : (
Yes ! getting the company we have chosen on board and set to go is great .. I'm hoping for a bit of landscaping with the borders and pathway too .. a lot to take on in one year but we get a 15% tax break on it all for next years returns .. have to grab it while we can ? LOL .. YES !! I am really interested in the Passion Flower vine for my hubby .. we had one in Holland and we both thought it was awesome .. then I had an annual one here last year and it was gorgeous .. I hope I can get a hold of one to try it out, thanks for keeping me posted girl !