Friday, 27 March 2009

Tree Twinkles & Blue Sky

When I got up in the dark of the morning .. it was foggy .. so I thought, well no red sky morning to take pictures of today.
Then about an hour later when hubby got up and came down to the family room, coffee in hand .. saying "WOW!" .. "You should see the sparkle in the trees !"
I said in a grumpy voice "how can it be sparkly out there in the fog ?" ..
No fog ! and it is beautiful out there .... DRATS !! if I had only come up and checked the sky again instead of typing away here .. aaarrrggghh !
But .. I did get some "tree twinkles" and later a bit of blue sky .. so all is not lost : )
This weekend is supposed to be great weather wise .. so I guess that means I better get going on cleaning up what I can in the garden .. I fantasized so long about doing it , now finally when I get to .. I'm pooped !


Anonymous said...

I do love it when the right stuff comes together to make a magical moment. Looks wonderful and I'm glad you'll have some pretty weather.

Gail said...

I love the sparkles...I enlarged the photo and they were even more beautiful! I wish our skies were blue and not gray! gail

Victoria said...

Lovely tree twinkles!

Anonymous said...

Your tree is full of beautiful raindrops! Nice blue sky afterwards I see.

cindee said...

Yay blue sky for you!!!(-: I love when the trees twinkle(-: Or is that Tinkle??? LOL(-: Suppose to be nice here too. I am trying to catch up on clean up too. Got the lawn mowed and the weeds mowed and I am one step ahead of yesterday(-: Have a great weekend!!!!!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Anna ... it is amazing to see things like this .. totally natural and totally beautiful ! I have today to do more work cleaning up the garden so I better grab it while I can !

Gail girl ! .. are you having rain with the gray skies ? .. we are going to get a lot of rain but that will help loosen the soil up. BUT it does halt work on the deck for a while too .. oh well, what can you do ? : )

Thanks Victoria ! They are twinkly : ) alright !

Racquel .. they must have been a wee bit frozen to stay there like that .. mini lights ! haha

Cindee .. you made me laugh ! YES ! .. tinkle could be used in the description too .. haha .. Wow ! you have gotten a lot done .. I need to do that today before the rain comes .. so I'll have to move and get to it !

Giddy said...

Day before yesterday was beautiful here and I worked in the rock garden for an hour. My perennial garden is still under about 2 feet of snow! Unfortunately, this morning, I could feel the muscles that have been long neglected this winter. Since today is looking to be another beautiful day, I'll just have to motivate myself back outside. Ah, the fresh air!

Titania said...

A great morning to start with a diamond studded tree, the blue sky is a promise for better things to come!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Giddy .. I feel for you girl ! I will be feeling THAT even more tomorrow .. I spent 4 hours cleaning out beds and snipping stuff to dump in the paper bags for the recycle dump .. I even got some trees pollarded ? Sumac looks awful but that is the way it starts out every Spring .. poor hubby had a heart attack last year seeing how I do it ..
As you have guessed our weather today was fantastic .. thus the aching muscles .. OUCH !!!
Hope you feel better soon !

Hello Titania !! How about that eh ? Now if they were real .. I could cash them in and buy more plants ! haha .. Yes ... our weather is slowly improving .. the rain is coming .. great for the garden now that I have cleared a lot of the leaf litter out .. time to clean house now ? LOL

Anna said...

Hope that you are getting that great weather and a chance to make tracks with all those garden jobs that have been waiting for you :)

jodi (bloomingwriter) said...

These are lovely twee trinkles (hah, it came out that way so I left it). We had a bit of ice-fog yesterday morning but I had meetings to go to so didn't get to take photos. Glad to share yours, tho, Joy.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Anna .. YUP !! a lot of garden work was accomplished and I am a happy albeit tired gardener today .. now that the rain is supposed to come at least it can get through the soil without the leaf litter plugging it : )

Jodi .. too funny girl ! before I even finished your sentence .. THAT was exactly what I heard in my head !! must be a bit of the east coast getting through me ? LOL
Ice-fog a very beautiful but chancy element to travel in .. glad you got through OK and can share my photos girl !!