Thursday, 2 April 2009

Help ? Japanese Maple Question & Answers

Thanks to all who responded so quickly to my question on Japanese Maples !
I spoke with a very knowledgeable manager at one of the garden centers I haunt during this season .. and he found one for me.
"Emperor I" also listed under "Red Emperor" .. he was putting an order together to the nursery that supplies them so I have one on the list especially for me .. about 10 days or so it should come in (which is good since the back garden is a total screaming mess with junk all over the place WAITING for the deck guys to actually start WORK !!!! aaarrgghh !)
In any case .. I am excited .. plus Quick Fire hydrangea will be coming in too, so I am one happy gardener : )

This is a cry for help from people knowledgeable with Japanese Maples.
I am looking for a sun tolerant (full sun) and zone 5 or lower (to be on the safe side) Japanese Maple . I have been searching the web but not much luck getting a clear answer.
I would appreciate any information you can muster up for me !
Thanks in advance !! Joy : )


Jamie and Randy said...

Crimson Queen is hardy to zone 5a and Viridis to 4a. We have six Japanese Maples, all of which are in full sun. For the first couple of years the tips of the leaves burn when the temps. get to 100-105ยบ. If you keep them watered they can take full sun. Our oldest maple has become accustomed to the sun and doesn't even get crispy tips any more. :-)

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

I think I have 'Crimson Queen'. Here's a link to a list of the ones carried by a local nursery here so that you can get an idea of JM zones, colors and leaf shapes:


Cathy said...

I am no expert on trees, but if you really want to know more ask Carolyn Gail from Sweet Home and Garden, she is a tree expert.

Teza said...

We share the same conundrum.... want one very badly, but with winters the way they are around here.... I know that with a burlap wrap many made it through the winter at the nursery last year. Acer palmata Emperor 1 and 2, but these get quite large over time! Weeper could be A. palmatum dissectum 'Red Dragon' - not as tall but gorgeous filagreed leaves... you're braver than I my friend although I think I will be getting the dwarf posted on my blog before the season is out. Hope this helps!

Kristine said...

got my Dirr book out and read (skimmed) all the acers, (maples) and "Acer palmatum" is the proper japanese maple. and according to Michael Dirr "Manuel of Woody Landscape Plants",most all maples are zone 5 and up to about 8, some species are zone 3 and up, but the japanese maple is zone 5.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Guys ! Wow ! Six of the beauties ? you have it cracked then .. I can understand the water issue with your climate .. here it is the cold winter and persnickety Springs .. but I think I have one in mind now .. will add to the original post.

Hi Cameron .. thank you for the link girl ! It is so much information to digest you must smell smoke all the way over there ? LOL

Hi Cathy, thanks girl ! .. I think I have one in hand but I appreciate the response, thank you !

Dear Puppy .. YES !!! I spoke to my icon in gardening for CT and he found Emperor I .. also listed as Red Emperor .. it has that great characteristic of not leafing out until about 2 weeks later than most .. thus avoiding the possible leaf burn from a late frost .. it can get large but I know I can prune it to the shape I want .. so now the ball is in your court to get one ? LOL

Hello there Kristine !.. now that sounds like a book I should have as well .. for a smallish garden I am pushing the envelope with some trees here. Thank you so much for responding ! I appreciate it : )

DirtDigger (Tessa) said...

Hydrangea- can't wait to see that! Hope the deck guys get their you know what out of their you know where soon!

gittan said...

Hi, I have an Acer palmatum 'Ozakasuki' (did I spell that right?) That's Japanese maple I believe would be hardy. Full sun is great and this maple have an amazing colour at fall. Being green from spring during all summer it suddenly turnes orange, almost black and sparkling red. Purhaps something for you and your garden / gittan

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello gittan ! I know if one survives your winters and full sun it has to be a GOOD one for sure ! Number One Husband and I both wanted to have a tree that started out a marvelous red .. such an eye popper in the back garden where we have picked the site for it.
There are so many of these lovely trees it is very hard to nail one down .. but my man at the garden center has ordered it and it is like waiting for a baby to come home ? LOL .. Yours does so wonderful .. if I had more room, I would certainly think of that one : ) Thank you for the suggestion !!

Kazuo-chan said...

hi Joy-chan. How are you today?
I found this site.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello Kazuo-chan !
I am well thank you : )
I hope you and your family are very well too ?
Thank you so much for the site ! There is so much information it is wonderful : )