Monday, 20 April 2009

Sharing the Rain

It didn't start out as pouring rain until late this afternoon. All of us are grateful for the stay of rain because Miss Emma had her yearly checkup and shots .. she was such a good girl hardly yowled at all .. and no fuss when Dr. Ken extracted her from her carrier .. she is a strapping girl at over 12 pounds mostly muscle because this kitty thinks that she is a dog .. she plays fetch like nobody's business ! .. so that is behind her and a relief to us all .. except the part about how we forgot to get her back claws trimmed .. OUCH !
So .. my focus was on the pouring rain and our little love birds here .. we always have a pair of Morning Doves that "court" in our garden .. yes .. even in the state of chaos it seems to be a hot spot in Kingston for this pair : )
There are usually three actually .. and YES .. I did call them Larry, Curly and Moe .. even though I admire Shemp a lot .. and obviously there is a female under disguise or this would be too funny.
I hate to see them in the rain like this but I guess they won't melt .. they aren't made of sugar .. but they still seem that sweet to me ... OK ... groan and get over it .. they are SWEET !!
The shock of colour for about 20 minutes was amazing .. there were so many GOLD Goldfinches having a go at the sock feeder and yes, some actually lowered their values and ate at the wild finch feeder too .. their colour is more NEON yellow than gold .. so taking pictures inside behind dirty glass .. well ... it lost some thing in translation to pictures but I was clapping my hands .. well figuratively not actually ...OK .. I was child like in my awe of them, but it was one of those times you had to be here to believe it : )

So .. I am remaining calm .. I did something naughty, that helped a bit ... all of you people that left cranky messages to your contractor on their answering service hold up your hands ? I know I am NOT the only one that has done that .. and to top it off, when said contractor, called back (very quickly I might add) .. I made hubby talk to him .. after all .. a project manager does get to have some perks with the job some time doesn't she ? Like not taking a phone call when I choose not to ? .. The sun is supposed to come out Thursday and stay that way for 4 days .. now I know that can change on a dime .. but here is hoping that this deck project actually starts to take shape ? .... and you won't have to hear me complain any more .. until the next project .. then we can start the record all over again and just switch shed for deck ? .. I will admit the rain is excellent for the garden as a plus on most of my minus attitude ? There has to be some humour in here some where ... right ?


Outside In said...

Why of course there is! that's neat how the pair of birds sitting in the rain together. Nothing but 2 days of rain here too.

Gail said...

Is that what they mean when they say...they haven't the brains to come in out of the rain! But they are a good looking duo! Glad Ms Emma is fine! I am crossing my fingers, knocking on wood and trying all manner of other good luck rituals to insure the deck work starts on Thursday! gail

CiNdEeS' GaRdEn said...

My cat brought me a dove this morning and left it at the back door. He was so proud. I was not. Bad Kitty. He thinks he is a mighty hunter. He lays under the bird feeder.)-:
WiseAcre has a plant for you! It looks like something you would love. Very Halloweenish(-:

Crafty Gardener said...

Ah yes, the rain! I had planned to do some shopping on the way home from work, but it was pouring so hard I just came straight home. Walking over to the mailbox in the rain was bad enough, and the thought of plopping through all the parking lot puddles made my feet shiver. I guess there is more of the same on the way today. Rainy days and indoor recess sure do get a person down.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Cathy .. I know this rain is great for the garden .. but we had that false sunshine period that made us THINK Spring ? .. I'm glad to have company in this wet stuff ? LOL

Gail ! .. there was another kitty there that looked just like Emma .. her owner takes in abandoned cats and she saw it first .. we were shocked how close they looked like each other.
I really really appreciate the positive thoughts on getting the deck done girl : ) thank you !!!

Cindee .. have you ever tried a bell or some sort of noise on kitty's collar ? that would make me so sad .. I better get over to Mr. WiseA** place and see what is going on ! Thanks girl !

Linda .. I know the rain is good for the plants .. but I can see your predicament .. I think I need some Home Sense therapy myself .. I have been so CRANKY .. I can't even stand me ? LOL
I'm waiting for the camera to come and I'll let you know what I think after a few days .. I'm really excited ! : )

Anonymous said...

Glad Ms Emma made it through her checkup with flying colors Joy. My Mooch is not a fan of the vet, lol. While the rain may be delaying the work on your deck at least it will be bringing you lots of blooms soon. :)

Jamie and Randy said...

Those little doves sure are puffed up. They look like me when I don't get my way.LOL--Randy

tina said...

Poor things. You can almost feel their misery.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Racquel .. you are SO right girl ! It looks like by the hour the greenery is spreading more and more .. so yes, there is definitely an upside and I'm glad you have me thinking of it !
How is Mooch doing after all that nasty stuff .. I still think of him in the cone collar ; )
Sophie's turn is next and she is supposed to be exercising and loosing a bit of weight .. oops, better get her on the treadmill ? LOL

Randy ! You naughty guy ! now I know you have "hissy fits" some what like I had with the contractor .. but over the phone ? haha .. we just can't help ourselves some days right ?

Tina .. it was a miserable day then .. but they are still courting come rain or shine .. they are such a sweet little couple : )

Kathleen said...

We just had three days of rain so I know what you mean. I had to remind myself how great it was for the garden too. It's good your contractor called ~ sometimes they need a little "push!" So when will he be back?? Soon I hope! Those love birds are adorable. We usually see a couple pairs around our garden too and it melts my heart how devoted they seem to each other. Hang in there Joy ~ your deck will get done!

Anonymous said...

My sweetie lets me trim both her front and back claws, and doesn't freak out too much about the whole business.

Good luck with the birds and contractor.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Kathleen .. yes the mantra is "rain is VERY good for the garden !!" LOL
We now need 24 hours of dry weather so they can pour the cement for the deck footings .. then leave those to dry for 25 hours .. good grief .. my life is in 24 hour allotments ? : )
That is how I see these sweet birds .. so devoted and caring we have been watching them for years: )

Knittnkitten .. Thank you girl !!
I just know I should have started her off when she was much younger .. I think we might be able to do it but I need to buy good nail trimmers first.