Thursday, 14 May 2009

Dave in the Garden of Chaos ...

Some of you who know Dave, might be wondering why he has been so quiet these past weeks. Dave is rather like me in some respects .. he hates to have his routine shaken up and off course. It truly puts him at odds with life in general.
But first .. I have to report the progress of what many thought a extreme move with the pruning urge and my beloved Sumac tree ... the first picture of promising buds was posted not long ago .. and now said buds are more like BIG feathers ? So my Sumac and I are breathing easier ... phew !
You can catch a glimpse of our regular chubby squirrel that believes "he" owns this garden and has free passage when ever he wants to roam around still digging those blasted holes checking on where those nuts he buried are .. we almost bumped into each other on the deck .. me squealing .. clad in my most weary,thread bear pajamas .. not a pretty sight !
We both agreed to go in the opposite direction of each other after that one ; )
So .. what about Dave and his chaos phobia .. can you spot him in this mess yet ?
The deck crew is coming back to get the rest of the old deck soon hopefully .. but there is a bit of bad news that none of us can fathom or believe .... keep reading !
Do you see the tip of a pointy hat any where ??
Yes .. Dave is in a mood ... he is fed up on the mess and the break from his old haunt on the deck .. I'm not sure if he will ever forgive me for all of this uproar ?

He won't allow any pictures he can't hide from .. he mumbles and grumbles so much even the birds are cautious of him. WG and TG .. aka Weather Gargoyle and Thinking Gargoyle, have silently put some distance between "him and them" .. I better get moving on finding a new perch on the deck for them all or heaven knows what added naughtiness might be swirling in a garden gnome's black mood ? ... the saga continues.

P.S. The glitch to the deck as I mentioned above .... the first step is a half inch too short according to the city inspector ... can you believe THAT ???????????????? ... on the other hand .. did Dave do this to drive us crazy ??


Andrea said...

hahaaha! Oh JOY. This is EXACTLY why I love you. Exactly. ;)

tina said...

1/2 inch? What a mess for just that little bit. Geez. Canadian inspectors are tough! Hopefully you'll get it figured out.

Ellie Mae's Cottage said...

Very funny post! Glad to see your sumac tree is coming back. -Jackie

CiNdEe said...

OMG are you kidding me? A 1/2 inch did he get out a ruler?(-: So now it has to be rebuilt? Geezzzz. Are you sure you don't live in California?(-: Sorry about that. I hope they can get that fixed asap for you. I know the "boys" are waiting patiently but how much longer can they wait?(-: They just might start causing mischief!!!!

Crafty Gardener said...

Come out, come out, where ever you are Dave! You should of gone on vacation while all that chaos was going on, Gary would of enjoyed the company.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Andrea ............... it just keeps on gett'n better girl ! I have no idea how they are going to fix this situation. Good Grief !!
I'm beginning to think Dave truly had his hand in this one ; )

Hi Tina .. we couldn't believe it when we found out .. hubby was right there when the inspector did his tour , and he told him (between asking how we thought the deck turned out .. of course we said we thought it was GREAT !) .. I think he really has something against the company.

Hi Jackie and Ellie Mae !
Yup ! my wonderful sumac has never failed me .. wait till you see it in the Fall .. it is glorious : )

Cindee girl .. this guy has all sorts of gadgets (like Inspector Gadget in fact) to measure etc ..
We just don't know how this one gets fixed because it may put the other steps out of whack .. the saga continues ? LOL
I don't think it will stop the shed/playhouse going up though .. hope not !!!

our friend Ben said...

Poor Dave! I know just how he feels. No wonder the gargoyles decided to scatter! A half-inch short, eh? GRRRRR. What an ordeal! But at least the sumac is flourishing! Hang in there!!!

Gail said...

Joy, I think your inspector has been watching too many Holmes on Homes episodes! I have been missing Dave and the Benchwarmers...Btw, I love the new name Garden of Chaos! gail

Nola @ the Alamo said...

Poor Dave, you should send him down to Texas, he can vacation with me 'till the construction is complete. He'd love the warm sunny breezes down here!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Linda .. how did you sneak in there between comments again girl ? .. You are so right .. I should have sent Dave off on vacation during this ordeal .. in fact Nola also offered I see here ! LOL .. he would have grabbed the chance immediately ! haha

"ben' ... I am thankful something is going right with my garden antics this year .. I mean, I knew my Sumac would be fine .. but it always helps to SEE the evidence after all ... right ? LOL

Hey Gail ! You know about our big handsome hunk Mike Holmes ?? LOL He can come over here any time to fix what ever he wants for me : ) LOL .. Yes .. Dave is disgusted with the whole "Garden of Chaos" stage of our life right now .. the Benchwarmers can't make heads or tails over the whole thing either .. our shed man is hoping this coming week to get us sorted with that project too .. fingers crossed !

Hey Nola ! .. I would almost think I could hear Dave yelling from the garden saying "send me down there and be quick about it !!" haha
It is that cracked mushroom he sits on that really makes him grumpy ! hehehe
Thanks for the offer girl : )

WiseAcre said...

Give me a break - 1/2 inch?

Dave was no help. He should have used his hat to gauge how tight the inspector's butt was clenched.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Dear Mr. WiseA** .. Please remind me not to have a mouthful of coffee when reading your comments .. the out come is NOT pretty (thankfully I'm using my husband's computer ?? wink wink )
We have no idea how simple or difficult this will be to correct since all of the steps will be some what affected .. this inspector thinks "HELL" is just a warm place to spend a vacation at ???

Kathleen said...

omg, I would be frustrated beyond words ~ 1/2"???? You've got to be kidding. Something else has to be up. There is just no way that little teeny measurement can be that critical. Good thing you have such a great sense of humor. Hang on to it!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Yes Kathleen .. men take a half inch seriously ? hehehe
I have to hang on to my sense of humour .. other wise you would hear me screaming all the way over there girl ! .. haha