Monday, 11 May 2009

Part One of Four

Today was a good day to finally do the finishing touches on the deck .. a huge PHEW to one heck of a job this company did. Attention to detail was absolutely wonderful. These guys worked so hard and were proud of their craft ... and it shows to us in a amazing detail.
Hubby finally has an actually working door to store the snow blower under the deck .. that and other guy things that can be stored there including my wheel barrow ! : )
This is one SOLID structure that will outlast us and the house ? haha
I have a new way to continue my plant bed around the corner .. it took a little destruction to clear the path for that .. but I saved what I could and it is going to be so much nicer in the end !
What would be a better time to by a power washer than now ? .. clean up the siding .. do the windows .. a guy toy to do the tidy up before the shed goes in this area .. a shame to hide the wonderful skirting, but it is nice to know it is so neat and tidy there ! Is that a woman thing do you think ?

Even though it took longer than we had thought, it is well worth the wait even in this state of chaos still. It is the corner stone to three other projects .. the shed (my garden playhouse) the bricking of the garden beds ... and eventually the stepping stone path from front to back. The path may have to wait until next year but I am that much closer to my dream of just puttering in the garden with the satisfaction that all of it is looking GREAT !

I will do a set of before and after pictures when this years work is finished before the winter of course : )


Crafty Gardener said...

The deck looks amazing ... the perfect place for a cool drink and some chocolate!

karenleigh said...

Looks great! I know you must be excited to have it finished.

Nola @ the Alamo said...

It looks great! I especially like the way you put lattice on the sides; that will give you plenty of privacy. The whole thing will be sooooo worth it once it's finished.

Anonymous said...

Joy, the new deck looks absolutely beautiful! I hope you're already enjoying some time out there -- if it ever warms up again! :) They did a great was worth the wait.

Frances said...

Hi Joy, hooray for the inching toward achieving your garden dreams! It does look very sturdy and substantial. An neat.Long range plans are essential and what a delight to be able to check the decking off the list. Your new bed around the corner looks very promising!

Louise said...

Wow the deck looks beautiful! I can see you plant lots of flowers and bushes around the deck.

Outside In said...

It sure is looking good! I bet you are happier now that you have a nice looking deck, new stairs and storage space. Now it's time to get busy with your garden!

tina said...

Well I think your garden already looks great with all the plants very very happy, but if bricks and a shed will make it all the more so for you, then I am so happy you are getting them. That is one very nice deck. Now the question needs to be asked-gonna make another wall of green??:)

Tessa at Blunders with shoots, blossoms 'n roots said...

Looks like things are coming along well! I like the door- great idea! My hubby would say it's a 'no woman's stuff' area! It won't be too long until you have the bones the way you want them :)

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Looks absolutely wonderful and worth all the effort. Have a glass of wine, and toast yourselves sitting on the new deck.


Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

How exciting, Joy! It looks like a very nice job and I know it must be wonderful to be able to walk out your back door and land on a deck and not the ground 1 story below!! Your next projects sound interesting too; I'll keep an eye out for your posts! Can't wait to see your garden all dressed up in it's full summer finery!!

Gail said...

Oh, Joy, you must be breathing easier! I can hear the ease in your voice. The deck looks great! Your plans do sound ideal...I knew that hardscape is essential, but it wasn't until it was in that I appreciated the structure it gave my front garden. Soon you will be puttering and enjoying the garden again...gail

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello there Linda ! Thank you girl .. yup it certainly is a celebration for this project : )

Karenleigh .. it seemed to take forever .. and the back garden is scary .. but YES ! finished and looking great : )

Hi there Nola .. thank you girl ! .. the head carpenter is one amazing guy who truly loves his work .. they all did a great job .. phew ! haha

Thank you Nancy girl ! .. we actually had a light frost last night and I scrambled to get some plants up on the deck .. this is a late one for us !

Hi Frances , thank you : ) .. I have that big rock as an accent point to the new corner bed (they dug that out while getting the cement legs in ) .. yes .. to think some day all I will have to do is putter and fuss over my plants .. I am SO looking forward to THAT girl ! haha

Hello there Louise : ) thank you girl !.. yes ! I am going to have a THINK about what should go in there and really enjoy working with this area : )

Cathy .. thanks girl .. and a big yes to that .. my poor plants need some TLC immediately .. talking about weeding too .. yikes ! LOL

Hello there Tina .. you are the only one that has asked THE questioned so far .. and boy .. I have to think long and hard on that one .. at first I thought no(because it takes real work to keep it from swallowing the house) .. then I thought , we will miss it too much !! .. I still have to think on it (I have a headache from all the thinking ? LOL)

Hi Tessa .. thank you girl .. isn't it funny about men needing there spaces ..nah ! we share most of it .. anything that goes under there are tools etc .. it is great to have this secure extra space like this .. I am a happy camper : )

Hey there Jen .. Thank you girl ! .. we have friends that want a grand tour when we get this sorted out .. so a wine toast will be had for sure ! : )

Jan , how are you girl ! thank you : ) Yes ! .. now I can take sunrise pictures a little further out than the door ? haha .. I am so excited to have the next projects lined up to go .. it would be wonderful to have it all done and just happily putter : )

Oh Gail ... thank you girl .. I am so relieved to have this part done .. and yes ! you are so right .. the hardscaping is the backbone of what is becoming a mature garden that NEEDS definition. I so want to see it all come to be : )

our friend Ben said...

Wow Joy, I can't believe it all happened so fast after the endless delays. You must still be pinching yourself every time you look at it! Hope you're planning on lots of container plantings. Congratulations!!!

Giddy said...

Congratulations on the finished project. I know you must be relieved to finally have it done and can get started on the real fun - accessorizing with plants!

I vote for two green walls - one on each end panel. Not only will they provide a nice, green "coolness" in the hot summer afternoons, but will also give you a bit of noise buffer. And, more importantly, new varieties to plant in the garden!

Get going, girl! Get out there and start digging. The more exercise you get, the more fudge you are allowed!

Jamie and Randy said...

Oh! Just wonderful Joy! I wish we had room for a deck.--Randy

Anonymous said...

The deck looks great Joy and I love how you are using all that great space underneith for storage! You can never have too much of that, huh? Can't wait to see the other projects come together. :)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello there 'ben" !
Yes .. it seemed like forever getting this project finished and this company did an exceptional job hands down. Now for the rest of the jobs ? .. new ones have cropped up and the list is endless yet again .. how does that happen ? LOL .. Got my herbs in terra cotta pots on here already !

Hello Giddy Girl ! .. We did have the two green walls and they were great just as you said for noise buffer and cool green space .. I will try and create new ones under better control this time so I won't be balancing on the ladder going "ooohhhhhhh oh !!! haha
I love your trade off for my fudge allowance girl ! haha

Hi Randy and thank you ! but hey .. you guys have a gorgeous garden to brag about, right ? !!

Hello Racquel : )
How true is that ! you can never have too much storage space .. especially when you don't have a garage .. so we are very happy to have that done up in a great way like this .. and I keep wondering, what will it be like to just sit back and enjoy it all ?? LOL

Sue said...

Wow, that is an awesome shed! You will enjoy it, and are you putting potted plants there? Some herbs would be handy there.

I'm glad they got it up and did a great job.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Sue girl ! .. I know you meant to say deck right ? LOL .. YES ! I have about 6 terracotta herb pots to line the stairs .. I am an herb fan for sure ! Another yes ! they did a great job on the deck .. we are very pleased .. now it is the shed mission we have to get through next on the list : )

Sue said...

LOL Joy, I saw my comment in the email before seeing yours, and wondered why I'd said shed. Well, it was past my bed time.

Well, I hope the shed building goes more smoothly than the deck did.

I finally put a subtitle in my header, and changed out the photo to one of this year's pots. I got crazy and changed the background color of my blog, too. I can't decide if it's too bright. I haven't decided if I'm going to change it soon or wait awhile.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hey Sue ... We all do the switch a roo with words in posts .. I see a few mistakes I made too now .. I post late afternoon early evening most of the time .. and by then (after getting up around 5:30 /6 AM) I am beat too ! haha
Crossed fingers on the shed mission girl !!
I have to get over to your place and check this out now !!