Autumn Chore List

OK ... I think we all get a bit freaked out when it comes to chores in the garden.
In the beginning of the year we are too happy and full of energy and we think we can accomplish anything right?
After the season of HEAT and DROUGHT that we had .. all of that cheery happiness is washed out and we are dragging our sorry garden butts around to even get the simplest necessary  job done.

Right now ? .. I have 10 bags of black earth top soil still sitting in the back of my KIA ... but on the other hand .. it is out of the rain and ? I actually have it on hand to get my chores done !
So that is a positive action .
Top soil   off the list !!!

To Buy :
4 bags of pea stone gravel
2 bags of river rock
Bone Meal

To Do:
Clean out shed and repack everything NEATLY and where I can find what I need in the Spring in a place that I can actually FIND said things I need in Spring !!
Dig out all the plants in the vicinity of the Stag Horn Sumac and temp pot to be planted again in same area.
Call tree removal company to take out Stag Horn Sumac (sniff sniff farewell my love)
Dig out "Golden Spirit" smoke bush to replace it
Plant the 90 daffodil bulbs around the edging of the front bed , in between the day lilies .. should look amazing (high hopes !! please come true ???)
Plant new arrivals :
Green Lotus Peony (Garden Import)
Roses : From "Hortico"
Ilse Krohn Superior (climber)
Compassion (climber)
I think there is a 3rd rose in this order from Hortico but I suddenly realized I don't have a final confirmation listing the purchase order with the roses on it so I just e-mailed the company to find out .. today is Saturday(Sept 22) so I will probably have to wait ...
The thing about my obsession with the roses .. I may have to toss some that require too much attention .. all I really wanted were some fragrant climbing roses on the chair arbor we put up .. now I am wondering if all of this was a good idea ??

General tidy up of garden ... should be the last chore done ... then I kick up my heels and plan all winter how I am going to change things again ???

Update October 21st Sunday :
Shed was cleaned and organized .. Sumac was chopped October 3rd/my birthday .. BIG sigh!
Told by company to salt trunk to kill tap root ... plants were up and out and put back again .. hope they don't hate me .. trying to over winter black ornamental grass "Mondo" .. not actually in my zone .. but what the heck eh?

Third rose is Aloha
A good sturdy rose that should fill the back of the arbor bench with flowers and "apple" scent .. fingers crossed.
All the bulbs and the peony were planted on the 18th of October and yes, with bone meal and new soil, especially the front ... the roses have not arrived yet.
The next day it rained and has been raining on and off which is a good thing for the bulbs and peony.
So far ... so good !

November 4th Sunday
Arranged with Hortico to delay roses until the Spring .. much easier on me.
But .. the chores still have to be finished and I am waiting for better weather to do that in !!

November 17th Saturday
Finally I got out with the boys and we did an almost complete clean up of the back garden  and now I can stop feeling guilty about it ? LOL
I took note of how well Zephirine Drouhin rose has stretch out along the deck railing .. now the challenge is to get vertical shoots so I can have loads of roses wafting their wonderful scent on the deck !!
We have loads of bags including the large pumpkins out on the curb so the city can haul them away .. that is part of our taxes so it is a good thing to use the service right ?!
Now for winter ... I really wonder what it will be like.
Negative part of clean up .. didn't get around to getting the rocks and laying them down .. but Spring will boot that urge again.
BIG sigh !

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