Spring Wish List Started

January 13/2013 ... That date is so odd to type out and see ...
I'm working a bit backwards to keep in mind what will be happening in the Spring with some almost new plants that I try to keep in mind where they are, where they are going and if they will work out.
I planted a peony that I know may take some time to flower, but I was so besotted .. yes .. I am using that word ..  with it I couldn't help myself ..
I said it was a birthday present back then in October and I am sticking to that story!
Green Lotus 
It doesn't look like a typical peony at all right ?
I think that is what attracted me to it so much .. now I just have to be patient ... BIG sigh !

 My Hortico rose order is in suspension from the Autumn .. I just couldn't see planting them so late in the year .. lack of energy to do so was the main point I have to admit .. I thought Spring would have me full of garden vim and vigor .. I am still working on that part.
So what I have on order at the moment ... are all "hardy" climbing roses.
These are NOT my pictures .. I borrowed them from the web .. they were just hanging around doing nothing!


Ilse Khron Superior

All are well scented roses which to me is almost the "whole deal" .. a rose with no scent might as well be artificial ... I mean REALLY ! .... what is the point without that heavenly scent ?
Their foliage and flower are resistant to disease, fingers crossed strongly .. hopefully they resist the weather Kingston heaps upon them with heat and humidity in the summer too !

OK .. now for what Gardenimport has done to me ... I was innocently thumbing ? through information and POW! two clematis grabbed my attention .. I really hate being hijacked by plants .. it happens all the time ... especially this time of year ... so what got me ?

Little Mermaid
If you haven't guessed from the top picture which one it is .. think PINK !! .. Gracie from Gardening With Grace should really have one in her garden because she is a pink maniac too ;-)
It is just such a girlie flower I can't leave it alone .. I am in love with it !
Having said that I am also in love with ...

Princess Kate

I do have a thing for the texensis grouping ... I love the shape from bud to finished flower to seed head.
From what I have read in other information .. Little Mermaid will flower in late Spring and Princess Kate will flower a little later from that point ... so it will be interesting to see how that works out .. if I do the deed and get them .. and then try to figure out where I am going to put them ?
A last minute, totally impulse (well .. almost .. I have been drooling over this one for a few weeks) is the addition of "Tiny Tuff Stuff" hydrangea serrata. Small but that is why I want it , and beautiful, that is why I lust after it .. a tiny lace cap version of a larger sister .. a perfect pixi in the garden !

Gardens Plus Order
Heuchera  "Circus" and "Paprika"
Hellebore "Ballerina Ruffles" and "Penny's Pink"
Hosta  "Prairie Moon" and "Prairie Sky"
Day Lily (3 for $12.95 special) "Midnight Magic" ... a good dark flower to really get noticed at the back under the grape arbor!
Day lily "Red Hot Returns" I wanted a true reblooming day lily with a wow colour and this one is supposed to bloom from June till frost so I am hedging my bets on it !

February 09/2013
Richters Herb Order
Oregano "Kent Beauty" is super special !
Highland Cream Lemon Thyme is also fabulous in appearance and fragrance !
Raspberry Royal Sage is fantastic for a little xeriscaping  with the "hell strip" I have and hummingbirds are supposed to love these suckers !
White Spike lavender ... I have had white lavender before .. you can see some in my pictures .. but it died out .. so I am determined to try again .. it was just so beautiful I HAVE TO HAVE IT !!
Blue Cushion lavender .. a dwarf  version that I have been looking for .. this is my first order from Richters so that is the reason I finally found what I was looking for ?

Melissa lavender.. another different one that changes from pink to white and is highly fragrant .. yes, I have a thing for lavender !
This order is going to cut back my Canning order sadly .. but I will still get a few of my "precious" items!
This is an essential though ... because it is trying out a new company and we all need to know how it will compare ... right ? ... I am doing this for all of us !!! hahaha (she laughs madly to herself !)


Lynne C said...

I was having a look at your wish list and noticed the claim on Daylily "Red Hot Returns" I have a daylily farm in BC and grow it. It will usually rebloom for me later again in the season, but if someone is advertising that it blooms from June through to frost, that's a far stretch from reality, especially for Canadian gardens. Your new plants all sound yummy!

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hi Lynne !
Thanks for the heads up on Hot Returns .. it is good to have the experience of another gardener with a new plant .. so I won't think it is just me ? LOL
Yes .. I am excited about the new plants .. just hope I have the energy to get my gardens sorted out , up and running for the season !!

Barry said...

Sweet Baby Jesus Girl:
Look at the size of these wish list items and it is only the end of March! Okay, so I'm not fooling anyone am I? I have actually freed up a stash of cash that was going to be used for a new meditation bench for the garden, so I too am furiously scurrying from catalogue to website to see what I can find! Looks like by mid April it might actually start to feel like Spring!