The CanadianGardenJoy Story

I have been blogging since May of 2007.
Learning every year about garden blogging, in a self taught manner which usually leads to a lot of hair pulling , groaning, and expletives that set the cats flying to less stressful corners of the house.
I am a retired army wife who has been fortunate to live literally from the edge of the east coast of Canada, to the edge of the west coast.
We eventually settled in Kingston, a small city on Lake Ontario in the garden zone 5b.
A highlight of our postings was living in the Netherlands for four years.
South Limburg province, which is nestled between Belgium and Germany.
We lived in the village of Schinveld and worked in the small city of Brunssum for NATO.
This was where the garden bug ingrained itself DEEPLY into me.
To see what literal Edens that were created in such tiny spaces, of their beautiful quaint homes.
Seeing fields upon fields, of bold colour swaths of tulips .. it took my breath away.
 Even an "almost" gardener had be changed with seeing such vistas.

So, my garden blog ... it has also impacted my life in a huge way.
It has connected me to a vast community of gardeners that are amazing people.
There is something very special about gardeners .. we feel more connected to the earth and it's creatures.
My niche is as a non professional,a lot less demanding that way .. an everyday gardener who learns constantly both about blogging, my garden, and more so about individual plants, and whether they flourish or fail in my 5b zone.
I have also written about mail order companies and what my experiences have been from them.
This has influenced some of my fellow gardeners on whether to try a certain company out or not.

Garden blogging is a vast highway of information exchange between us all, what ever zone we are in.
We all benefit from each other's knowledge and experience.
A fantastic perk to this connection is amazing encouragement from fellow garden bloggers.
 Every day gardeners,(well seasonal ones as in north of the line from all year round?) that have racked up extensive and practical knowledge of plants in their gardens.

The name for my blog came from two previous attempts to feel "just right".  
Third time lucky ? I AM Canadian .. and add my name to "garden" ? presto ! 
This is me : )

P.S.  I thought I might as well be honest about how difficult it is for me to physically garden now.
I have a number of painful chronic conditions but most times I can over ride how I feel so I can connect with my garden .. it is hard to describe what that connection is unless you are another gardener .. then you understand that feeling .. during our long winters I am able to rest and build up my strength to hit the ground running come Spring .. it will be a very sad day for me when I can't do that.
I always hope to hear from other gardeners who have physical problems and how they deal with it all.


Roxanne said...

Good morning,
I was searching for some pieces of my china (PINE TREE pattern) when I came across your site (January 2009).

I also have the Pine Tree china. My mom passed her china down to me last year and I just recently pulled it out of the boxes to put in a cabinet. Since we seriously downsized last year, I had nowhere to put this china and so started the hunt for the cabinet.

There's an interesting story about how mom acquired the china. Coming from Italy in the 50's and trying to build a life in Canada, items like china were considered luxuries that were not priorities.

In the early 60's, mom believe it was Dominion grocery stores in Toronto offered stamps (based on money spent) to apply towards purchases of china. They displayed specific pieces for a period of time and you could use your stamps or stamps and money to acquire the pieces. Over time, she built a 12 place setting of rimmed soup bowls, 8 inch salad plates, cups, saucers, the coffee pot, cream and sugar bowls, an oval serving platter and the covered soup tureen. I don't know why she never added the dinner plates.

Christmas Eve dinner always started with the soup tureen being brought to the table.

I have recently purchased 12 white dinner plates to use with the china. I am hoping to find 12 burnished copper charger plates. Can't wait until Thanksgiving. Mom has no idea that I've unpacked the china and I hope she'll be pleased.

CanadianGardenJoy said...

Hello Roxanne and thank you for taking the time to comment !
That is an amazing story about the Pine Tree china your mom collected and I am sure she will be totally delighted to see it come out for Thanksgiving !!
What pieces I have , I remember as a very young child having it only for Christmas dinner and that they were in our home in the late 50's .
I have no idea where they came from but I always loved them .. they are so pretty aren't they ?
I know your dinner will really please your mom : )