Sunday, 20 May 2007

Golden Jubilee Hyssop

At the forefront is the Golden Jubilee Hyssop that surprised me by hanging on for the third year .. it is "zoned" at 6 from many info sites .. I'm a zone 5b .. so this is a little prize !
It has the amazing gold foliage and violet flower tops .. I also have anise hyssop .. the scent of crushed leaves is a smile breaker .. haha.
Along side this is a "prostrate" sky blue veronica that catches my eye every season.
An orange geum along side a deep violet/purple sage .. one heck of a striking combination when blooming together !
Also an amazingly TALL Ecinacea .. Ruby Star ? .. I may get my echinaceas mixed up .. too much enthusiasm ? haha
Also in mulch colour transition .. this is going to take some time .. sigh !

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