Wednesday 3 January 2024

Moon Pie ?

 Not quite the shape of a moon pie but close ? 

January1st, Monday night first one of the new year .

Saturday 30 December 2023

To The New Year


I wanted to wish all the garden bloggers out there (if there are any left because of other platforms consuming them such as instagram etc ...) a Happy New Garden Year when it arrives in your part of the world !!
My moon shot from December 25th .

Dr. Lakoff , if you ever get to see this blog, make sure you scroll down on the right side,  to "Garden Archive" where you can see much more of my gardens, through out the years .

Plus my peony photo, from the British paper "The Telegraph"  garden catalog section, front leading page.

I meant to add that this happened a few years ago, but I still can't believe it and I love this photo they chose out of many that I have taken .. like a proud plant parent right ? LOL 

Saturday 15 July 2023

End of my season

 I'm angry, sad, FRUSTRATED as hell ... but it looks like the end of the season for me till next year. Wednesday morning at 4 AM is when it started .. I woke up half asleep half awake in the middle of a bloody nightmare. Bolted out of bed and crashed into my solid wood nightstand ...

Long story short ... I fractured my humerus bone , sheering it off under the head of the ball that fits in the socket ... so it will be over three months before I can do a real post.

This is the most painful injury I have ever had and the most frustrating ... the garden is coming into prime and I can't work in it .. is Karma trying to tell me something ?

Hope you all stay well and happy in your own gardens !!!