Thursday, 21 March 2019

Spring (REALLY?) Equinox

This is my first post of 2019 .. falling on the day after the Spring Equinox, but are you thinking this is a setting sun ?
It is actually about a rather odd term used for the gorgeous moon I saw last night.
It began rising behind my neighbor's roof
My camera could not pick up the full range of beautiful oranges that surrounded it.
Nor the detail of the moon itself, because of position and lighting, but it was SO beautiful to see in person!
I had to get on top of a kitchen chair to get the best advantage possible .. hoped the neighbors didn't see too much of that.
The above picture gives you perspective of how I saw it over the roof.
The colour fades
Then a hint of navy blue that was illuminated by the brightness
So many stunning stages it goes through and so quickly !
Finally just an amazing glowing orb in the night sky
It is called a "super worm moon"
"It's given the name "worm moon" because the end of Winter is when little creatures like worms resume squirming out of the ground and getting eaten by birds. 
Supermoons happen when a the Moon is closest to the Earth, appearing bigger and brighter than normal - up to 15% brighter and 30% bigger than regular full moons"
Tom Kerss, an astronomer at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, said it is a rare event for a supermoon to coincide with the equinox. “We have been looking at the records for the occurrence of what we call supermoons today. The last time that this occurred so close to the point of the equinox was in the year 1905, in March over 100 years ago,” he said, although he noted the term “supermoon” is a recent term. “It looks to us that the next time we see this with the spring equinox, at least, won’t occur until the year 2144. So for most of us this could be called a once in a lifetime coincidence.”

Amazing right ? ... for any of us who were fortunate enough to witness this event, it truly was a once in a life time occurrence for us to see and record with our own cameras ..

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Last one for the year ....

I have been so neglectful of this poor blog I wouldn't be surprised if no one even reads it.
Being tied up with cosmetic renos inside our nest and it has driven me to the brink of reason.
Anyone who has gone through renovations in their nest knows what it can do to a normal sane mind.

But ? do it to a wacky one like mine ?
Pity my poor husband, Garden PA, .. he has put up with hysterics , laughing fits, and general insanity of a woman on the edge.
Have you ever seen the movie "The Money Pit" with Tom Hanks ? remember his laughing fit when the tub fell through the floor ? ... that was me a few times .. truly !!
It is done now (for the most part) ... but then why am I still teetering on the brink of "madness" ?

My gardens have been sorely neglected.
Garden PA will be trying to help me as much as possible to clear back plants,transplant plants, plant bulbs and general clean up.
Bless his heart he picked up 6 big bags of special "sea" compost for me today.
We have two days that seem decent by way of the forecast, IF we can do it.
Please wish us all the luck that the Irish are supposed to have, to get this mission done.

Meanwhile .. I managed to capture a few pretty shots of the flaming Japanese maples that survived the last winter kill and are so beautiful they stun me with their colour.
It also answers the burning question as to why I take my chances with these gorgeous little trees.

The light is not the best but you get the idea of how intense the red is on these leaves.

Crimson Queen's main trunk seems to be dead, but I am not giving up since this undergrowth is pleading with me in a sea of lamium

See how you can NOT miss these beauties ?
There is other colour and non colour in the garden too of course
The birds love these berries

I love how Solomon's Seal goes ghostly white with the contrast of the green ferns holding on.
Just a pretty shot to savor when old man winter arrives.
The "gigantic" grass was a show stopper too
One last shot of my beauties
I wish you all a restful winter to stoke the energy for Spring and all the excitement that brings :-)

Monday, 3 September 2018

Bells , Whistles, and Lighting ...

The bells I have in mind aren't "noisy" which is a good thing because the Blue Jays are noisy enough for the whole neighborhood .. they have us trained to dole out peanuts each day .. smart birds right ?

Mrs. Harvey ... is one of my favorites and a re-bloomer (a heck of a re-bloomer if I had been paying attention to trimming it back more readily) .. so a bonus, to a beauty !
Even in the shade she shines

Lighting does makes us look twice at our plants .. sometimes it can really change our perspective.
I love back lighting but oh ... it changes so quickly.
The axiom of being in the right place at the right time, is so true !          Ally way garden.
I'm not thrilled with the view across the road (or the cable box) but the last fickle lighting that makes the hydrangea and grass glow, is pretty.

Bright lighting isn't so bad either .. it brings out amazing detail .. combine it with a white subject and you would think it would be overwhelming .. but not all the time.
A some what black back ground, from deep shade, helps of course.
You would think total shade might not be a good idea .. but sometimes it can lend a bit of drama to a plant .. it also can define amazing detail.
Combine shade and light to bring contrast of two very different colored plants and it is complimentary.
September is here ... the garden is still alive and dare I say thriving .. the list of what  has to be done gets longer each time I have a brain burp .. so I hope I can survive said dreaded LIST myself !