Tuesday, 22 September 2020

Autumn Equinox

 I wanted to mark the Autumn Equinox with my own pictures of Fall and the wonderful colours that happen in nature .. but we haven't gone through the frosts we need to urge the trees and plants to show off those wonderful hues.

However I have an old picture of one of my past Tiger Eye Sumacs that was very pretty back in 2017 

Then I ran across a beautiful "painting" .. I don't even remember where I found it or sadly, who the artist is because I would certainly give credit to an artist .. I hope they don't mind me posting it.
The colours and atmosphere are totally "Autumn"

Friday, 18 September 2020

Autumn is Closing in.

I want to help the bees as much as possible and Joe Pye seems to be the perfect place for them to rest and nap on. Seeing a bee sleep is rather special, I'm glad I have been given that opportunity to help feed them and give them a type of shelter they can rest on.

A flower waterfall has happened with my over the top thalictrum . So many of the tiny bubbles haven't opened yet , but it is time to take the stress off the plant itself, so I wanted this picture, showing how pretty it was to see.

The gardens are still fairly lush looking .. you could say tightly packed ? but once some cutting back happens, so I can see where all those bulbs are going .. it will look a little more spacious.
I try to keep as many of the food sources for the birds and insects going as long as possible. 
I staggered the goldenrod in stages so there would be later flowers to feed from.
I'm still in love with the many hydrangea plants that are flowering their hearts out.
This little weigela Florida My Monet Sunset is a stunner next to the darker ajuga.
There is another "little" weigela in this picture below, but I am not sure what the name is.
I thought it could have been Midnight Wine but it isn't dark enough, however it may not be dark enough because it isn't getting the full sun that it needs for that coloring, yet it is a very pretty little shrub.
Yes I am still addicted to this anemone
I would totally recommend this anemone Curtain Call Pink, it is a blooming machine.
The real test though is, will it come back next season as strong as it is now ?
That is where I have been disappointed before .. but I am banking on the breeders making these types hardier than other doubles I have tried.
I worked on rearranging the front planting so it would have a better flow.
The "specimen" hosta I bought years ago has really paid off with many divisions.
Patience really is a gardener's virtue in so many ways, I need to pay attention to that more often !

Finally , the vine to the left is my variegated Porcelain Berry vine.
The berries are ripening very quickly now but all at different times so the many hues of blue , purple and fuchsia are striking .. the birds will have their choice of them eventually.
I am happy to provide another food source for them  
My BIG order of bulbs are on their way .. I am split between fear and excitement .. and of course PANIC. I need to keep them in the plan I made in my head when I was ordering them ?
It seemed like such a good idea at the time I was ordering them .. now ? I have no idea if it is at all !

Monday, 14 September 2020

In the Pink of Things !

Bobo has a more delicate shade process of becoming pink.
Finally,  plants other than hydrangea ?

I know ... a more "violet" point of view after all those shades of PINKNESS
Ok ... I snuck some orange in because next month is my favorite month October Orange !

Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Wordless Wednesday

 I know .. I can't manage "wordless" !

This is a solar water fountain I had a lot of fun with .. so I sent it on to my friend Jen in B.C., so she could also have fun with .. including Bella her crazy cat .. in her beautiful garden where it is sunny and still summery !

This is linking up to Sandee at Comedy Plus for her gathering of wordless ? posters !