Thursday, 15 November 2007

Colourful Rain Day

Even though this is a rain day .. more like a pajama day with promise ? .. sitting here in my office .. OK .. at the kitchen table by the deck door .. daydreaming about next year and what mischief I can get into with the plant smuggling into my over stuffed garden (some what like me .. we could both use a good clean out ? haha) .. I digress from the point I was trying to think of .. Ah ! yes .. the Ninebark I have grown to absolutely adore .. it is a shade of burgundy that shines in this wet messy garden of mine .. I know .. I could have done a much better job cleaning up .. but I stick to that old "lazy ? wife's tale" of leaves being the garden's blanket for the winter .. other gardeners would shudder over that one .. but it works for me !
So .. look at that ninebark and tell me it isn't a "WOW !"

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