Thursday, 15 November 2007

Last Burst of GREEN !

Toadflax .. bottom picture .. feathery plant by the Mountain Ash .. amazing underrated little plant that blooms its heart out all season and even now .. a friend didn't recognize this plant and she has LARGE gardens packed with all sorts .. so it was fun letting her know about this little jewel .. I have a garden of specimens .. but sometimes if I really fall for a plant I need another as back up .. just in case .. sort of "plant insurance" ? ..
That is what will happen if I find another Jack Frost Brunnera .. even after the frost ZAPPED it big time it recovers and dusts off its leaves looking absolutely marvelous .. I don't know how I can love so many plants at one time but by golly I do .. my zoo and I understand and appreciate each other .. so far ! .. plans still buzzing in my head for next year !

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