Thursday, 15 November 2007

Succulants that survive me so far !

First I will post a site that explains what succulents are etc .. although most of us have a pretty good idea -->
I switched to these because I thought they may have a better chance surviving me, than years of OOPS ! .... with other plants .. some of these I actually picked up in the summer intending to perhaps plant them (yup .. that struck me funny too .. NO space for YOU !) ..
In any case I started to really LIKE these creatures .. fate began to fall favorably in my direction (why it doesn't do that with the lottery I never figure out !) .. I found the perfect unglazed terra cotta pots for a $1 each (YES ..... I almost fell over with happiness !) .. in the back of my mind the wheels were turning so fast the proverbial smoke was coming out of my ears. I even bought the so called "correct" soil for succulents .. now how is that for following almost all the rules.
I have had them for a couple of months now .. no over watering( excess water easily evaporates due to the porus pot thing) .. no problem so far .. but what I did do, was place little sea shells under the actual plant, to lift it off the soil a bit .. so no nasty stuff could start there ..
Now .. have I cracked the rule "House plant hell" here ???? .. it was embarrassing telling people YES ! I am a gardener .. but you aren't allowed to look at my "sorry residential "housefraus horrors" ... SEE ? I am (Canadian eh) a proud indoor gardener for the time being !!!! ... sigh : )

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