Sunday, 9 December 2007

Confessions of a "Plant Switcher"

Ok .. I will admit to being some what naughty as a house plant gardener. That "Frosted Fern" adventure did NOT work out .. I think any plant that has the description "fern" in its name, regarding it as an indoor plant .. should really stay off my list .. for the "indoor" garden that is. I spritzed and humidified and practically promised it a "SPA" life forever, if it would only flourish a little bit .. instead the darn thing shriveled up and stuck it's finger out at me .. daring me to go against my plant friendly ethics and trash the sucker ... I guess it didn't know the depths of depravity I would stoop to in order to have a "cosmetically correct plant community" .. oh no .. it truly has come to this .. so gathering up my not so great feeling conscience, I decided a some what public confession might relieve my gardener's soul a bit .. So there .. done deal .. a GREAT big Christmas cactus in a new pot ( and yes .. I will confess the next transgression) .. a RONA clerk even transplanted it for me since I bought the new pot there as well ! .. I just feel so ashamed of myself .. BIG sigh ... but it looks pretty darn beautiful right ? ... Oh .. the plant that took over that dry fuzzy non-functional fern thing .. Snake Plant .. it will survive me and knows it !

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