Thursday, 13 December 2007

Mystery Plant

So ... here I am with a mystery plant on my hands .. well .. in my kitchen .. I wanted a low light .. easy care .. low profile .. air exchanger plant ( wow ? .. doesn't everybody ? ) .. but .. it drives me nuts when I don't have a specific plant tag and a correct botanical name for this little hard working beauty .. if anyone reading this , knows what the proper identification is can you please drop a note on the blog for me ? I would really appreciate it !

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Water Roots said...

This post was a long, long time ago...but I discovered your site recently, and find it very interesting. So, if you ever happen across this old post, which I ran across today, your mystery plant looks like: Dracaena Janet Craig Compacta. Dracaena Janet Craig, the larger specimen is an extremely popular plant. The compact version, which looks to me like your mystery plant, is quite popular, and just as hardy as the large specimen.

Anyhow, nice blog! Great pictures too!