Friday, 25 January 2008

Cedars and Driftwood

I took these pictures from my bedroom window .. it is just TOO COLD out there for me. Thankfully my windows are almost clean so I can actually see out of them !
I was thinking of those years i covered my cedars with burlap because it was the "thing to do" .. then I quit about 2 years ago and miraculously, no more die off and bug problems .. I was just making a nice, little home for them in the winter with the covering. Lesson learned on that one !
The giant driftwood (take my word for it .. it almost sunk my husband's boat) .. so many neat plants are guarded by it .. a new one I hope to see flourish is a "Dwarf Formosa Lily" that I put in late summer last year. For some reason .. even though Epic is sadly out of buisness they still have their website up with lots of information on plants .. this lily is actually from their nursery.
I also have a beautiful Toad Lily, Dalmatian companula .. with a few other types .. Heuchera.. Log Fern .. hard to believe it looking at this picture but I have so many in that space it even surprises me .. and I am the queen of cramming in plants with a shoe horn ! .. Spring hurry up !


Anonymous said...

Unable to link to Epic. You sure do have a lot of snow! Lucky you.

GardenJoy4 said...

Thanks for letting me know Rose !
It was working yesterday but I guess they have finally taken the site off the net now. Too bad .. it was a good source of information on plants.

Crafty Gardener said...

We have some snow drifting down today. I did get out and walk around the garden early this morning ... looking for evidence of wildflowers for a challenge I'm participating in. My gargoyle is inside for the winter and sends an invite to yours to come join him :)

GardenJoy4 said...

Thanks for stopping by Crafty .. My gargoyle appreciates the invite ! LOL