Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Face & Fennel

Funny how you see much more detail at times in a picture than just looking at the scene with the naked eye (yes .. I dared to use the word "naked" .. reader beware ? or was I supposed to say that first ?) .. anywhoooo
I missed how pretty the fennel heads that have managed to stay up through all the bad winter weather we have had .. and what can I say about the sad whimsy of this garden ornament. I love half moon and sun faces .. this one has held up amazingly well.
This shot is taken from the safety of indoors (not to be scoffed at .. so there !) .. where was I ?
Oh .. yes .. the reason for the "framing" bit .. shot taken through glass deck door .. through deck slats .. courtesy of friendly zoom option on almost friendly camera !


kate said...

The fennel seedheads twined beautifully in the sun and moon ornament. Is that ever cool! I love it.

It's great that we can take photographs from the comfort of the house - I did that the other day with the berry picture I took. I couldn't have taken a picture outdoors that day - the camera lens would have been covered in snow!

Ice wine brandy you say? That would be perfect for an evening such as this.

I hope your weather has improved from earlier today. Freezing rain is such a pain, especially when the temperature hovers slightly below normal.

Robin's Nesting Place said...

That is the reason I love nature photography. Seeing the detail that you wouldn't normally see.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi again Kate
Hi Robin

YES ! .. I have been amazed at detail that I see when my pictures are loaded on my lap top .. even when I was close to what I shot , there were things I didn't see !
Another big yes .. the Ice Wine Brandy I bought for Xmas was VERY good !
Roll on Spring for all of us !
Enough with the winter blasts ; (

Nancy J. Bond said...

The camera lens reveals a lot of things we don't notice with *our* lenses. :) This is a great shot. I love sun-moon faces, too. That's it's taken from inside is even better still during these icy days. Most of the bird photos I've taken have been through glass as well. :)

Diane said...

I love those gargoyles and the comments you've used beneath them, on your right hand sidebar!

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GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Nancy
Yes .. it is amazing how detail jumps out at us when we look at our pictures .. I am constantly surprised at what I have missed !

Diane .. I'm a nut for the "Strange and Unusual" ? LOL
I so wish I had a huge garden and had lots of little secret gardens within it .. then there would be many more of the S&U items to see ..
Sophie is full of character : )

Thanks for the comments girls !