Tuesday, 22 January 2008

My Girl Lucy

I haven't been posting on my blog lately because of a sad loss. Lucy had recently been diagnosed with chronic renal/kidney failure. She was having treatments, but things were getting worse. I had to come to the decision of putting her to sleep so she wouldn't suffer any more. These are decisions that rip your heart out. Lucy was going to be nine years old in September. She was a Humane Society, 12 week old kitten, that we adopted and adored. Not two years ago we had to put another little love to sleep, Molly,behind Lucy in this picture, who was Lucy's older sister. I am thankful we have an excellent vet who made it quiet and peaceful for her. We will miss her dearly as we still do Molly .. Sophie is missing her as well. We were blessed with beautiful cats .. inside and out.


jodi said...

I am so very, very sorry for the loss of Lucy, Joy. This is never an easy decision to make--been there, done that, will have to do it again--and each time a bit of our heart is broken. As one person told me, 'our hearts are the better for it, though.'. You did have eight plus wonderful years with her, and perhaps come spring, you can plant a special shrub for her in your garden. I wrote about memory gardening a couple of weeks ago, and you can read about it at Maybe it will bring you some comfort. You are in my thoughts.

GardenJoy4 said...

Thank you Jodi .. I appreciate your comments very much.

WendyAnne said...

Sorry to hear of the sad loss of Lucy,I know how you feel because a couple of years ago we had to let our 21 1/2 year old cat go and it was heart breaking.We felt like we had murdered her...

Please be strong and remember all the good times you had together.She is happy now that she has gone over the Rainbow Bridge..
Take Carexx

GardenJoy4 said...

Thank you Wendyanne. You were so lucky to have your little one stay so long with you. I always believed by some way that my girls would all be with us for at least that long. I just find it so hard to think what has happened in less than 2 years for both my beautiful calicos to be gone.
Sophie is looking for Lucy, not too emotionally .. just wondering, "where is that poor neurotic girl, who's nerves I get on?"
These times are so hard to move on from but I know time will have to pass ..
Thank you again for leaving a comment Wendyanne ..I appreciate it.

Nancy J. Bond said...

Your Lucy was an adorable cat. I'm so sorry for your loss -- I've had to go there myself several times and it's never easy.

GardenJoy4 said...

Thank you Nancy ... it is heart wrenching .. and it never gets easier. But I can't seem to be without a furball .. I'm so glad we have Sophie to help us.

Diane said...

Oh this is so sad and I'm so very sorry for your loss. It's always a difficult thing to deal with. I know that words can never ease the pain and the loss but know there are many of us who understand.

I do adore the photo of Sophie (and her name too)


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GardenJoy4 said...

Thank you Diane
I appreciate your thoughts .. all of this happened so quickly and yet so intensly. Sophie still looks for Lucy , especially in the morning for breakfast. Things will slowly ease into a normal routine. But I never stop thinking of them.