Saturday, 26 January 2008

oops ! I see a crack !

I was actually trying to get the seed heads of my Herbstonne Rudbeckia in this shot .. but my trusty camera refused to focus on them .. maybe because I was in my pajamas hanging out the deck door doing this ? my camera was embarrassed for me ?
So now that I have my maple tree in plain sight, I see a crack in the bark and now I am wondering if this is trouble or not ? .. Any one who knows anything about "tree cracks" please let me know .. other wise I may have to go out and buy a lot of Chapstick for this poor guy !

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ferne said...

Funny thing...I noticed the seed heads before the tree branch...must be a gardener thing. I love rudbeckia, but hadn't heard of that one will have to check it out. I think you will have to wait and see if the branch leafs out in the spring...I tried to look closer at it, but couldn't see how bad the crack was.

I found your blog quite by accident as I find most blogs and then don't know how I got there, but I am really enjoying it. Sorry about the loss of your cat, I lost a special cat twice in my life and you never forget them.

I work at a nursery with my best friend and companion and we are always talking gardening. We each have a garden plot that we rent since we are currently living in an apartment and can't let that stop us gardening. He takes care of the roses at our nursery and I order the bedding plants, veggies and herbs with a lot of his input. We have a lot of fun together. Sure looks cold there! We are in Northern California and are fortunate enough to be gardening most of the year though right now it is pretty stormy and even threatened to snow on us last week.

I will be checking back on your blog from time to time to see what wonderful things you grow! Check out our blog that we just put together this year on New Years Eve! It was partying for us just thinking about gardening.

Ferne & Michael