Monday, 4 February 2008

Cabin Fever FULL SWING !

Yes ! I have lost what little sense I had floating around in my brain trying to cope with cabin fever and WINTER in general !

Robinscabin from Rustic Garden blog stopped by and she got me thinking .. her enthusiasm even in the dead of winter really struck me.

I had "talked" to my friends via e-mail about seeds I have bought .. support trellis(s) ? I bought to add to the rather large community waiting for me in the shed area .. plus this brown box affair with the extra ? bird bath ? ... jeez ! it was on sale .. OK ?????? .... but to top it off today .. Costco came through with those fantastic garden gloves I bought last year .. I'm fighting the urge to buy another pack to hoard under my bed .. for emergency purposes really .. what if some one came visiting and I'm puttering away in my garden (having secretly known they were coming of course) how would it look if I wore the real deal that I literally wear down to the nubs ? .. to the point I actually have dirt on my hands ? ... hating to break in to a new pair until I HAVE TO ????

Ok .. now we all know I have a garden glove fetish .. lets move on from there.
SEEDS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes ... I said last year no more fooling around with "blankity blank" seeds ... but ........ the discovery and challenge of finding the Moon Flower vine drove me in to such a frenzy, packs were flying mid air in Home Depot .. people were shielding their children from my hysterical laughter as I was over come with an unbelievable rapture finding these gems ! ..
Things just started cascading from that point .. I don't know how many different sunflowers I can squeeze into my groaning garden but by then it didn't matter ..
Sweet peas ???? did you know they make a special blend for Canada Day ???? holy cow ! .. I had no idea ! this was so SATISFYING ... almost like eating that President's Choice FUDGE that Loblaws had at Christmas .. it is a subject I would rather not have to disclose .. Husband was in Cuba .. no one to explain to, the constant "drive bys" to Loblaws for ... Kitty litter ???? ... empty packets of fudge containers hurled into and above the limit of common sense .. I haven't been able to go down the candy isle since ... I'm afraid they will recognize me in both stores here in Kingston .. it is bad enough the garden center managers give me that look come end of season sales ... and yet I digress ..
Pictures .. amazing trellises ? to put in BIG pots for Moonflower vines .. amazing birdbath at under $5 .. amazing SEEDS ! ..... PRICELESS !!!!
Model "Sophie" for free, at her discretion .. through negotiations with general manager and litter cleaner ....


Chris said...

LOL great post :-) Thanks for visiting my blog, see you again soon!

robbinscabin said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I've been so lonely. LOL. What a way to shop! I've been known to be a "scary" shopper during planting time. My hubby even claims that I should wear a bright orange warning sign that says: Crazy Gardener at Work!

kate said...

Six pairs of gardening gloves is pretty reasonable - sometimes we go through them quickly.

I like your trellises. Oh and those seeds make me want to get buying some seeds.

I wish our spring came a bit earlier.

I will have to check out that chocolate fudge.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi guys !
This is one "too dumb to live" day for me so far .. cabin fever over the top ?
Thanks for stopping by .. my rant and raves are some what theraputic but having other gardeners sympathize (is that with an "s" or a "z") spell check won't work on this section .. the forces are against me ! JEEZ !
do you have Loblaws out there ? .. it is the best fudge on the face of the earth !
YES .. even though I have all the seeds I can handle .. I stop and go into some kind of hypnotic trance staring at displays .. sad !
I am still in awe of that beautiful sunset picture ! Thanks for stopping by my spot on the earth ? haha

Joy : )