Saturday, 2 February 2008

The "dump"

Well ... Happy Groundhog Day to anyone that has a look here !
The dump happened continually over night .. it is now HEAVY WET snow .. and the snow blower of the year is totally busted ? .. rip cord broke .. a conversation better left unsaid here ............................... !!^%$@#!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bright orange blob is utility truck fiddling with something this morning .. but thankfully we have not lost power or heat .. whoppiiiiiii ! glad of that one : )
Hubby in foul mood for rest of day though .. I'll be hearing about that blanking snow blower for ages ...


jodi said...

Wow...more like an April Fool's joke than a Groundhog day statement, wasn't it? We had freezing rain and ice here. I'd sooner the snow!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hey Jodi ! ... yup we have our share of the freezing rain stuff too .. but I know what you mean .. I'd rather snow even though our snow blower has had a nervous breakdown .. poor hubby has really had a bad time of it with that damn thing .. next one will be from Home Depot ? LOL

Carol said...

Hi Gardenjoy4me... this is my first time visit to your very nice garden blog. I came via Blotanical. We had no snow for GHD, thankfully, but I bet we get at least one more good snow before this winter finally gets pushed out of here by spring. I hate that heavy wet snow like you got!

Carol, May Dreams Gardens