Monday, 25 February 2008

Frosty cracks !

It was one frosty morning this morning. Even with our extreme weather, not a lot of frosty, still, mornings like this. I can't even remember when I got this little gargoyle .. but he has patiently sat on the hand railing of the deck for years .. and what do I do ? .. take a picture of his "best" side !


Melanie said...

Here I am thinking "what the heck is she talking about, I don't see any cracks"...pause...then it hit me. DUH! Still laughing at myself.

Calie the wonderdoodle likes to sit out in the snow. The other day she sat there so long that she came in with a buttberg. Kind of like an iceberg that...well, obviously you can figure that out without my help :-)

GardenJoy4Me said...

melanie .. you "cracked" me right up .. buttberg !! now that is going to stick in my mind for a long time .. haha