Friday, 1 February 2008

The Tale of the "hairdryer"

Well ... well .. well ... what can I say other than if it wasn't for a woman's accoutrement this household would be lost in old man winter's GRIP !
First I am too proud to admit I have had to use my blow dryer 3 times this winter to de-ice the door to be able to get IN .. to turn ON the engine, to de-ice the rest of the ice cube plantmobile.
Now it seems that our faithful, hardly ever started on the first pull, .. if it ever started without a major drama .. IF it started at ALL .. snow-blower .. for those of you without snow get off of here .. I can HEAR the giggle snorts already.
Did you catch the progression of how this procedure other wise known as "SOP" begins ? .. First the extension cord, for the actual starting (which doesn't work most times)
Then the STOMPING on the deck, so people will think a SASKWATCH ? spell check won't even touch that one .. escaped and decided to try tap dance lessons on our deck ..
Then the KNOCKING repeatedly on glass deck door to speed up my moan and groan getting to said door .. then .. the "royal hand over" of our most precious possession during the winter .. MY blow-dryer !
Note .... "very nice man" does side walks too !
Back to the tale .. not much else left to say but , for a garden blog .. I talk about almost everything BUT my garden ???? Never mind ... Spring will have to peek out here some time .. then I will be complaining about the frigging heat/humidity thing ... BIG sigh !


Dee/reddirtramblings said...

It's a good thing you blow your hair dry, along with everything else in your house. What a bunch of snow. Ours melted today. We only got an inch or two. Of course, it'll be hot at my place this summer.~~Dee

WendyAnne said...

Hi Joy,love the photos of the snow,your garden ornaments with snow on them, your study and last of all your dear cat{smile}I have had lots of computer problems so getting onto my blog has been murder,tut tut...

Some parts of the UK is gripped with snow at the moment,which is causing havoc,but for us it is just a flurry of snow but terrible biting winds...

Hope you are all keeping warm and well over there.It is lovely to find all these blogs when my laptop is running right and to see how the other side of the universe lives and I am also having an education in the process...

PS managed to read about all the seeds you are hoping to buy and sow this year,you sound a bit like me always buying stuff and trying to cram them into the garden..

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi dee !
You know what the irony is with the blow dryer ? .. I never use it on my hair ! haha ... the good thing about all this snow is it will water the ground .. and we can really use it !
I have to go visit your site today!

Wendy hi again ! .. I'm on the run here .. our snowblower broke down so it is chaos .. hubby fedup on it as it never worked right from after the first year .. duh ! Should have made a stink and returned it .. we haven't had snow like this in a few years .. and wouldn't you know it would break down NOW ?
Thanks so much for peeking at my blog again .. I have a couple of friends in the UK that said the same thing .. a few flurries and everything screeches to a hault there ? LOL
Yes .. I am very ambitious about the seed thing this year .. heaven knows what will come of it.
And yes .. Princess Sophie .. she has been a bittersweet comfort with loosing Lucy .. I know things will get better .. but that ache in your heart seems to be lodged there forever.
Well .. I have to see what to do next .. busy place here !
Joy : )