Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Cinj and now Debbie ........... JEEZ !!!!!!!

Disclaimer comes first .. Debbie .. Cinj tagged me already .. which actually CJ did a while back .. I am sure there is a way to cancel out all you jokers some how with the equation of.. E=MC2 .. either Einstein or Freud has a theory I can adapt to this lunacy !

You may all breath a collective sigh of relief that I will not tag anyone else because I'm sure almost EVERYONE has been by NOW !
Cinj .. my apologies .. I have been dragged out of my winter cave, kicking and screaming .. bears and menopausal women are not safe things to bother, especially this time of year !

#1 ... I can NOT for the life of me, back up my car .. truly .. my spatial perception is totally (screwed) negatively enhanced ? Hubby backs my car up in the driveway so I can start my day out almost sane, from step one ?

#2 ... I am "moth-phobic" .. childhood experience .. another case to crack for Freud enthusiasts .. like Vooiltje with spiders .. yes .. that bad !

#3 ... I was a VERY shy girl until I became a military (army) wife .. you have to "swim" to survive .. totally self sufficient because hubby was gone 4/5ths of the time.
I have a touch of OCD .. regular patterns of activity comfort me .. after all that has happened in my life .. what people called boring? .. it is my security blanket and I am so grateful for "boring".

#4 ... If I start laughing while on my back .. it is hopeless .. I laugh until I cry .. not a lot of crying .. mainly because I'm exhausted from laughing .. it was NOT a popular trait with my husband early on in our marriage .. go figure (a limited amount of time to be home, and his wife LAUGHS on her back ) 'nuff said on that one !

#5 .. I can't look at a beautiful starry night .. it makes me homesick ... VERY homesick ... I don't think I am from this .... galaxy ..... BIG sigh.

#6 ... You said unusual right ? .. my hubby put up glowing stars, planets , moons for me on the bedroom ceiling .. I can look at them without feeling homesick .. phew !

#7 ... I go to bed so early, I can't even put it down here ( too embarrassing !).. not to sleep, as much as to collect the aching body and just flop on my bed .. that is why you will never see me on Blotanical at night ..

#8 ... I am a "fudge-aholic" .. I tried to find support groups for it .. but no one will own up to the fact they too are as well. I know we talk about chocolate here .. I love that stuff too .. but FUDGE is my greatest down fall ... strangers with fudge can have there way with me .. but it has to be MAPLE butter fudge for that to work completely.

#9 ... I blush like mad still .. I have never been able to overcome that .. it too can be embarrassing .. some times people mistake it for innocent blusing .. little do they know it is another sign I am going to blow my cork because I am actually MAD about something .. do not trust a blushing woman .. it may not be what you think it is about !

#10 ... my god .. I thought I would never get here .. to #10 that is ..
I am a Blue Nose ... only another of my description will know what that is .. so there is still a little mystery left to me !

Now stop bugging me you guys !!!!!!! .. this was like a trip to the dentist !!!! JEEZ ! LOL


Cinj said...

Aww, come on! How was that not fun?

Okay, I like to tease. At least no one else will bother you now. I think just about everyone has been it by now....

We had glowing planets and stuff on the ceiling at our old house. There's just something about staring up at the stars as you drift off to sleep.

MMM, did you say fudge? YUM. Although I'm not exclusivly all about fudge, for me as long as it's made out of chocolate I'm all over it.

Vanillalotus said...

Joy you weird fudgeaholic! That's awesome you have glow stars and moons on your bedroom ceiling. What a nice sounding husband you have to give you stars and moons and back your car.

Gail said...


You are being a wonderful good sport...didn't you do this already!

I see you now resting your body, laughing at the stars and thinking about your home out in the galaxy somewhere!

Hope this day brings warmth and sunshine your way!


GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Vanillalotus .. yes .. he is a very good hubby .. he has offered me his truck to drive and I keep saying no .. too scary ! Both my guys have trucks .. it really is a guy thing : )

Cinj .. yes .. I think everyone got hit by the tags .. chocolate fudge is pretty high on my list too ..
Now I will be thinking about it all day .. we are actually on our way out the door to pick up a few things .. hope I can stay "good" and not cave in !

Brenda Kula said...

Well, it's fun to know weird things about people you only know through blog posts. You just never really know people until you've heard a few odd quirks.

Viooltje said...

I love your way of 'boring'. Reading all about it makes me day. Not to mention the FUDGE. We don't have fudge here as such, the last time I ate proper fudge was in a fudge shop in Edinburgh ( I was fudging away bigtime, I literally made a massive queue outside until I tried all the different sorts of fudge that caught my eye and ...drool). I have managed not to think about it for quite a long time, until now. I'm glad to notice your hubby seems as wonderful as you are. Before I get carried away, let me just say how glad I am you fell for the tagging frenzy. The collective shall stop bugging you now! Mmmm and yes, gardeners truly are a wicked piece of art... ;-)


Melanie said...

Joy, I finally got the blushing under control (mostly). You are right about the blushing sometimes meaning anger. When I'm confronted in front of an audience (school meeting or public forum)I can look as cool as a cucumber but my ears turn the color of a tomato. It's a good thing my hair is just long enough to cover them as they'd probably glow in the dark they get so hot and red.

Anonymous said...

Ha, Joy, good for you for loving stars (and fudge)! I can't help you get back to the stars--guess you'll just have to wait a bit on that one--but you can find some truly awesome fudge, including brown sugar, walnut, and bourbon penuche, at, the home of the Trappist monastery at Gethsemane in Kentucky. It's the place Thomas Merton lived when he became a monk. They're perhaps best known for their cheeses and fruitcake, but I confess that I love their fudge (the chocolate bourbon, too) best. My Mama made the best chocolate and penuche fudge I've ever eaten, but the monks make close seconds. Give 'em a try!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi ben .. you had to tell me of this place didn't you ! .. we just came home from running errands and now you have me drooling thinking about my nemesis .. FUDGE !
I want to take a quiet moment and investigate that site .. should be under my covers with a flashlight and a piece of fudge to go with it ! haha

melanie .. isn't that sad, we are at an age we shouldn't have to go through this still ? .. I could fry an egg on my face/neck (not a pretty picture mind you) from the heat of it all .. LOL

Violet .. now that is strange you should mention Edinburgh .. I have a Scottish girlfriend who sent me some "tablet" what she reckons to be fudge .. so the secret society of fudge has a long arm ! .. That would be me too .. I would want to savor every type of fudge available .. BIG sigh .. no fudge in the house right now ..
And yes .. this is fun .. Cinji is going to say "I told you so" .. many times .. but now I know who the fudge sisters are ? haha

Brenda .. I think gardeners have more quirks than regular people .. something about gardening opens our minds and characters in different directions than nongardeners .. respect and awe for life maybe .. so we have to be quirky to survive how unrespected ?it can be .. how serious was that train of thought ? wow

garden girl said...

Joy, you may not have had fun writing your ten but I sure had fun reading them. I think you're way cool, and I love your sense of humor.

I love fudge too, only make mine chocolate, and I had the moon and stars on my kids' bedroom ceilings. They loved those. I did too. I liked to lie down with them on their beds at bedtime and look at the glowy stars with them. It was a sweet time.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi garden girl .. we all should get together and officially open the FUDGE club ! ..
Those sweet times with our kids goes so quickly .. and yet we still have our one and only STILL home with us ??? how did that happen ?? LOL
Fudge and glowing star lit skies .. that is the best of both worlds for me : )

cindee said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog(-: I had to come and comment on yours(-: My daughter had the "glow in the dark stars" on her ceiling too and when I re-did her bedroom I had to pick each one of the many hundreds off!!! LOL It was a job. My husband put them all up there for her when she was young because she loves stars too!!!! He said oh you aren't going to take them down are you? I had a hard time getting all the stars up there. I said feel free to replace them when you want.(-: So they are not there now. So you are not alone in your star quest(-: As for fudge...I don't ever eat any except at Christmas time(-: Sounds yummy though(-:

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Joy, it was fun reading this post. I don't really like the tagging games either, but will occasionally play too.

Your husband seems so patient and kind. Thankfully he didn't take the laughter personally.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Robin .. Yes .. Hubby is that way .. especially more so with what he has gone through in his life as well. Marriages don't have a high success rate in the military .. so we are one of the lucky ones.

Hi Cindee .. they are a funny thing .. some how I forget they are there and then at night .. bang .. glowing away .. it still makes me smile : )

Cinj said...

Naa, I'm not the told you so kind of person. All this talking about fudge is making me want some though. Too bad I forgot to have Cheesehead make me some when he had the day off yesterday. He's a fudge conniseur. (Okay, I'm sure I spelled THAT one worng!)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Cinji .. this talk about FUDGE is driving me mad too .. ironically I am making French Canadian pea soup for dinner .. so that smell doesn't really mix with fudge fantasies .. BIG sigh ! haha

Shady Gardener said...

GardenJoy4Me, I love your post and I love that you shared so many things about yourself!
I KNEW you were a fun person! (I love fudge too! And isn't it convenient that I absolutely cannot make it? Or else... you know what!) ;-)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Shady .. thanks ! .. I can't make it either .. phew ! .. it is terrible to crave that stuff .. you can't think of anything else .. haha