Monday, 31 March 2008

Emma and Sophie

Emma is settling in very well .. it is as if this has always been her home. Sophie is doing well too .. hardly a growl out of her this morning .. and Emma was right in her face at Sophie's food dish .. so that is a wonderful response .. "No" response .. phew !
Both girls are sleeping right now .. sleepy day with the rain. So far So GOOD !


Melanie said...

These sleeping shots are so sweet! We're getting miserable, cold, drizzle right now and silly Calie the wonder-doodle is out there getting soaked. What a knuckle head.

Nancy J. Bond said...

Oh my, is there anything sweeter than a kitten's face? You now have two adorable kitties...I'm glad they made friends so easily. You make me want to go to the shelter and get another!

Gail said...


they are so cute, you just want to cuddle them...I love Sophie watching Emma (in the one photos)....asking you and herself, "What is she doing here? I better keep an eye on her!"


Cinj said...

How sweet! Reggie growled at the kittens for over a month so I guess I'd say Sophie is much more tolerant.

Anonymous said...

Aaaaawwwwwww, I just can't stand it--Emma is TOO cute!!! She must be a Maine coon, Joy. She looks just like my beloved and eternally missed Seamus Beaumaine. But hopefully, she'll never get that big! Wish I were taking a cat nap just like that.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi "ben" .. I have a gut feeling that there is Main Coon in her blood line .. Sophie does too, but she doesn't look like it as much as Emma .. Your Seamus Beaumaine sounds like he was a beautiful cat. I will always feel that ache of our beautiful girls we have lost. I don't think that ever goes away ben. Emma does have huge paws with lots of fur .. so I'm thinking maybe "big" ? LOL

Hi Cinj .. I still have a hoot with the name Reggie .. that was my father's name .. too funny .. I keep thinking of the Archie comics too. Yes .. Sophie is doing really well so far . so good !

Gail .. you have Sophie pegged perfectly .. she is in charge and darn well will get to the bottom of this ! haha .. I shot that exactly from Emma's point of view .. yet she is taking it all very well . Throw a tinfoil ball for her and she is yours ! haha

nancy .. I was so glad we could adopt again from the shelter .. it makes us feel like we are doing something positive for them and for us. Go have a peek at your shelter !!!

melanie .. poor Calie .. she will think you are just like Moe from The Three Stooges calling her a knuckle head (is that two words or one ???) haha .. dogs love the elements .. cats are more choosy ?
It is going to suck here for a while with the weather .. it seems like i will never get in the garden .. and when I do .. of course I will over DO it .. ouch .. I can feel it now !

Crafty Gardener said...

Emma looks so sweet and innocent while she is asleep. But then don't all kids look that way too. She is so adorable. I hope Sophie isn't having her nose out of joint from the new kitty. Soon they will be the best of friends. Pictures like that make my heart melt.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi Crafty .. yes .. pictures of sleeping kittens .. and kids ? like too sweet to believe .. Sophie is doing very well .. her nose was a wee bit out .. but she has her special moments with us still and her attitude seems to be "well, "this" is here so I might as well get used to it ?" LOL