Saturday, 8 March 2008

Spring project #547

Ok ... I may be exaggerating the number .. but this has been one LONG winter and I am beside myself with "gardener's FRUSTRATION" ... hence the hubby leaving Monday with friend for a golf vacation in South Carolina ..... where for the most part there is NO snow or a maniac wife to contend with .. there is something very scary about being TRAPPED with me in the house right now ... so I don't blame him ... but he better bring back something for my garden when he comes home .. gazing ball .. a rock ... a stick .. just SOMETHING !!!!
Meanwhile back at the farm .................................... will you look at this gorgeous piece of work I can grow my kiwi vine on now finally .. poor thing had sunstroke last year .. vine ... not husband .. but that is questionable too ....
Anywho .. .. how about this arbor !!!!!


Crafty Gardener said...

I like that arbour, bet you can't wait to get it set up.

Melanie said...

Hey, it looks like your computer threw up and all those posts finally came out at one time. Whew, don't you feel lbs lighter now :-)

I love this arbor with gate. Is it in that box and are you going to assemble it?

Nickie said...

Hey i think I need one of those!

*the arbor, not sun-stroke...although I would welcome any kind of sun at this point.

GardenJoy4Me said...

I am so EXCITED about this arbor/gate .. it is 7.5 feet high ... good hiegth for the vine to flow over without feeling crowded .. but making sure it is solid standing let alone level .. now that is going to be a trick !
Hubby will have his hands full figuring this out for me ...hehehe

Melanie .. if only getting rid of excess weight worked that way for me in real life ? haha

nickie ... we will have problems with flooding when this melts too .. well not us exactly ... but a few places in Kingston for sure .. sun burn is a long time off yet !

Crafty ... John will feel me breathing down his neck with this project ! hahaha