Saturday, 26 April 2008

Goatsbeard for Wiseacre !

Wiseacre thinks I have a "goatsbeard, or two ?" .. I actually have four now. Two of the full size ARUNCUS Dioicus and now two of the Korean Goatsbeard . I had never heard of it before a friend told me about them .. then bang ! I found one at the garden center .. just as an experiment for the first year .. which of course I loved it right away .. so this year I took no chances and grabbed another one .. I feel safe having stand bys ? .. in any case .. I do love Goatsbeard in any variety now .. it is just one of those things you can't explain .. you love a plant and that is that ! I'm looking forward to their frothy white heads this season. So yes .. Wiseacre .. I have goatsbeard ! : )


WiseAcre said...

Isn't it great to see the Goatsbeard grow? How in the world do you ever tear yourself away from the mirror?

The Astilbies seem to be waiting for the rain before they really get going. They've emerged from their winter sleep but seem reluctant to get up.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Wiseacre .. I see a few little arms trying to wave at me once in a while .. and hey .. I manage to tear myself away from the mirror long enough to take pictures ? wink wink .. bahhhhh bahhhhhh

Northern Shade said...

You could combine your interest in goat's beard and love of miniature plants and try Aruncus aethusifolius (dwarf goat's beard). It's about 1 foot tall by 1 foot wide and forms a neat mound with miniature plumes on top. I moved mine too many times one summer and lost it over the winter, but it's definitely worth planting again.

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi northern shade .. I stopped by your site and really enjoyed it ! The Jack Frost is my favorite and pairing it with Maiden Hair Fern with other ferns is wonderful .. nothing like a shade garden to feel refreshed !