Monday, 26 May 2008

The Grape and the Kiwi

I don't focus the camera on this section of the garden all that often. The morning I took these pictures (6:30 AM) everything was wrapped in a soft glow. So lines and colours don't really stand out much at all, yet I find it appealing.
We have a robust grape suited for the cold winters of Ontario .. the grapes are dark purple and sweet .. and .. the birds usually beat us to the goods .. we don't mind that much.
I was fascinated by growing this kiwi which is supposed to bear fruit without the fuzz of the usual ones you buy in the store .. smaller in size but edible skin and all. We are waiting to see if this will really happen in its 3rd year now.
This is supposed to be a privacy 'screen" at our back fence .. it does as much as it can .. sometimes I think we ask too much of it ? .. considering the neighbors back there .. BIG sigh. I have come to like this sunny section quite a lot though .. especially when all the greenery is in full force !


Cinj said...

I'm thinking I would love to have some more edible plants growing in my yard. Those fruits sure sound yummy!

easygardener said...

6.30am - Aaaaargggghhhhh.
The cats - yes - me no.

GardenJoy4Me said...

easygardener .. hahaha ! .. believe me, no one should actually SEE me that time of the day either : )

Cinj .. we had to try a few things .. we went through an apple tree and two cherry ones, plus the old grape vine .. but I think we have it nailed now. Even if we don't get much fruit, it seems we need something edible here ? haha