Friday, 9 May 2008

I can't "move" Friday

Well ... here it is Friday (no rain in sight until Monday) .. I feel like one giant throbbing muscle that is about to SCREAM non-stop.
So against all of my garden instincts (aka obsessions and desires) I have to take today off and crawl (literally) back to bed once hubby gets up .. its just easier that way ? .. I got up at 5:45 because Emma was in full "Wrestle Mania" with Sophie .. knowing how Sophie feels about this issue .. well .. I had to get up and distract Emma with breakfast so Sophie could have a break from her CRAZY little sister.
I potted up most of my seeds (why oh why did I get so many ? January cabin fever in full tilt?) .. I'm giving some away to my neighbor .. we trade and barter every year with something .. this year I gave her my big water pump tub planter, because I switched to a simple black urn for the front step .. I got some VERY cool solar lights from her, that are "up" lights, to highlight trees etc .. I'm sure I got the better deal this year !
I did the Bamboo "U" supports for the vines (Moonflowers).. they look rather naked with no plants showing for a while but in my mind's eye .. they look spectacular : )
Finally got the last special rose in, Zephirine Drouhin .. with lots of support to climb up to the deck railing and show off it's gorgeous flowers and scent. Another in my mind's eye fabulous production ? .. that is one half of the raised bed .. the other half has red and white Cypress Vine which is supposed to draw in those hummingbirds along with the pink/white ivy geranium I have on a hanger above the bed.
We saw a hummer yesterday that thought the copper wind whirler was interesting ?

It is now 8 AM .. time to tidy up .. and soon back to bed .. this is agony .. I so want to play in the garden .. the soul is peppy but the body .. well .. it is SHOT ! haha
Hope all you other gardeners have a great day in your gardens !


Rose said...

Isn't it wonderful to have a friend who will share plants with you?
I bought a bunch of annuals yesterday and now the forecast is for rain for forever, it seems.
Get some rest; your garden will wait for you.

Cinj said...

If I were you I'd be taking a nice hot bath and pop a couple of tylenol or something. Just because you're taking it easy doesn't mean you need to suffer.

ourfriendben said...

Oh, dear, Joy, how I feel for you! Our two-year-old siblings, Linus and Layla, begin the "kitty derby" every night at about 3 a.m., while the Maine coon matriarch, Athena, huddles on the bed and pretends that they don't exist. (We think Athena is very smart and attempt to ignore them also.) 'Zephirine Drouhin' is also one of my brother's favorite roses; hope it thrives with you!

Nancy J. Bond said...

Feel better soon, Joy! (I have fibromyalgia, so I feel your pain.) Rest up and it won't be long before you'll be out pulling weeds again. :)

Gail said...

I am sending you some warm thoughts, they are are finding their way to your house and to you..."Your muscles are relaxing, your muscles are healing, you are surrounded by a bubble of healing warmth, it supports you and nourishes you. With each breath you are inhaling healing and relaxation and exhaling pain.

Thinking of you,


GardenJoy4Me said...

Gail .. that is so sweet ! Thank you : )
I went back to bed but the ouches are following me around .. like Emma and Sophie, haha. Things will get better .. for both of us .. hang in there too !

Nancy .. you are the second person here I have that in common with .. Funny both you and Jodi are both in the same area aklmost. I want to ask questions every time I meet another fibro gal ... thyroid issues and other problems .. I know things will settle down if I behave?

"ben" I am really looking forward to seeing if this truly is as good as the information I have found on the net says about ZD. I think we are all looking forward to Emma calming down into the Main Coon side that Sophie finally did (looking at her you wouldn't think there was a drop of it in her) Emma shows her MC much more with the hairy ears and alround furry self .. right now she is still a goofy kitten ! haha

Cinji .. I have some great meds that do work eventually ..I try not to suffer (as much as possible) .. i think my body just doesn't believe what i have tried to do to it this week ? LOL Tylenol is ready at hand : )

Rose .. I had such a good laugh at your post .. the subject of buying clothes is shared by so many of us and you nailed it on the head with such laughter for me !
Rain for Monday so I get to sneak out tomorrow and walk the garden centers .. I know I don't need another plant .. I'm just looking ?LOL

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Hi Joy, Sorry you feel bad. Hopefully a day of rest will give your body the break it needs. I sort of wonder if you will actually be able to stay in and rest though:)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Debbie .. I'm in my pajamas but here on the lap top trying to catch up with blog reading .. it is even hard to type with my "banana fingers" ! ha ha .. we tend to do this to ourselves at the beginning of the season .. then we seem to get over the madness a little ? or calm down ? I'm making plans for tomorrow already though .. so I'm incurable ? LOL