Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Wednesday Morning OUCHES !

I just wanted to post about how sorry I am to be missing the relaxing wonderful tours I do with other peoples posts. I feel very neglectful of reading and commenting on such great blogs I enjoy. Yet others find time to read and comment on mine.
I think it is a Canadian thing ? being trapped by winter so long, we go nuts once garden season opens ... and OUCH ! I feel every ache and pain of it too.
By the time I sweat out a post on my lap top, I crawl to bed and mutter about not taking the time to read other blogs.
I have been a mad-woman ? British saying ? .. in my garden and I won't slow down until RAIN stops me .. I just want to get everything up to speed and be the "caretaker gardener" for the season .. phew ?
So I want to say thank you for those who do visit .. I will get back to a nice all day reading of blogs and putting my two cents worth ? in .. next rain day ! LOL


Jane Marie said...

I understand exactly what you are saying. My comments are much shorter than they used to be.

Nancy J. Bond said...

I feel your pain. :) Rest those muscles for a day or two, and don't stay away too long!

Crafty Gardener said...

I can totally relate Joy. I now do my blog visiting during my breaks at work, then there is no temptation to get back in the garden.

VP said...

Joy I understand perfectly - I'm still catching up after holidays! I suspect it won't happen until next winter...

You're welcome to drop by whenever you're ready :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, you have your priorities in order, Joy! The blogs won't go away, but spring is already pointing towards summer. Go for it, and use those two kitty heating pads to soothe away the muscle soreness!

Gail said...


I am not posting as often...there was a good conversation at Bliss about commenting. There is a link at my isn't the current post but it covers it all quite well...

It's the busy time of year and every gardener understands that visiting gets fit in between garden chores.

make hay while the sun shines! Isn't that the saying?


Robin's Nesting Place said...

Enjoy your gardening season, Joy, and don't overdo. I'm sitting around because I hurt my back trying to be superwoman digging, moving and replanting arborvitaes all by myself. I can hardly move now.

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Dear Joy, enjoy your gardening, that's what we are about anyway. I have enjoyed your pictures. Remember it will be 1000 degrees in summer and then we will all be back on the computers again staying out of the heat.

GardenJoy4Me said...

You guys are so darn sweet !
Ironically .. I was at it full tilt in the garden yesterday afternoon and it began to rain .. did I stop ? Nope ! .. I was at it with trying to get at least 2 of the 3 roses that finally came from my mail order wish list .. I looked like a very BIG drowned rat ? haha

Debbie .. you are SO right .. I scramble for that tiny space in the morning when I'm not melting in the heat, and then hide in the house like you so KNOW girl ! haha

Robin .. oh no .. you do what I try to do .. that is an awful trait we gardeners share .. we "think" we can manage .. dive head first and then bang .. too late, our bodies have had enough !
You really have to rest up and do the pain management thing girl ! Take care !

Gail .. I think I did read the Bliss comment on comments (you have to giggle on that one) .. yes, this is one crazy time of year and we over do as Robin has .. and Debbie is so right about hiding from the heat .. but as soon as I have a full day of rain and get the house cleaning done (it is in a mess right now .. garden priorities hit hard there too !) .. I'm going to enjoy a full day of reading as many of those great blogs as possible !

"ben" ! .. as soon as I dare lay down on the bed .. the kitty heating pads arrive in a spilt second .. You know this trick well too ! LOL .. yes .. summer with the smoothering heat will arrive soon enough : )

VP .. thank you ! .. I'm still grinning over that Dr. Who garden exhibit ! .. and I think of what you described with Jess and Skimble do and laugh over that girl !

Crafty .. you have the perfect solution ! .. being home I am too drawn to the garden .. if I was away with my lap top I would be able to cheat and READ ! LOL

Nancy .. thank you : ) I really want to catch up and check out your new blog too .. it is such a great idea you had for that one. Every time I visit yours and Jodi's I feel a bit home sick for the sea ..

Jane Marie ! I'm grinning here that you took the time to stop and say that for me ! Thanks girl : )

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

I feel your pain as well, I have the "ouchies" myself. I am not in Canada but I am in Iowa where the spring has been cold, wet and cold and wet :), we have had about 3 nice days. Enjoyed your garden toys and lovely photos.

VP said...

Hi Joy - I hope that on your rainy day you'd like to play tag!

J said...

I know what you mean about wanting to spend every last minute outside in the garden. After Memorial Day, everything seems to grow so quickly (plants and weeds alike!) and as it gets hotter, my ambish (Mr. Robinson's word pronunciation of ambition) gets smaller and smaller. You go garden!

GardenJoy4Me said...

Jared .. I like that word and yo are so right when that smothering heat/humidity hits .. so I am literally in the garden full time .. just taking a few minutes to answer on here but feeling every muscle groaning ! Enjoy your gardening too !

VP .. No rain coming yet .. so I'll have to see what you did to me later girl .. be glad I can't smack you from here girl !!!!

I.G.W. (my nickname for you now ! haha) .. you understand how this goes very well then eh ? LOL
Thank you for visiting .. I hope to get a rain day soon .. I'm wearing myself OUT ! haha